Feb. 21, 2014  By Jack Jodell.

This will be my briefest post ever, but it will also be o0ne of the most important I have ever done.  I am calling for an immediate increase in the minimum wage to %12.00 per hour, with future increases to be pegged to changes in the Consumer Price Index. For years, Libertarians and wacko r.paulbachmann firedreactionaries like Rand Paul and Michele Bachmann have opposed even the very existence of a minimum wage, but anyone in their right mind knows that both of them are nuts who don’t know or care anything about the poor, or working class Americans. They support the preposterous notions of trickle-down economics and “free market” trade policies. And even Bonerconservatives like House Speaker John Boehner are running around spouting utter nonsense  about how raising the minimum wage will cost jobs. The truth of the matter, of course, is that putting more spendable cash in the hands of the working poor will create more demand and thus new jobs. It is not too surprising to see these thick-skinned Republicans unable to clearly see what is best for lower income Americans: all of them are independently wealthy and don’t give a damn about those below them on the income scale. Not only that, but they hate the federal government and want to use it only for lowering taxes on the richest 1% and deregulating Wall Street.

We progressives know that the wealthiest 1% have far too much already and are widening our already record wealth disparity by exploiting workers and trying to disenfranchise them. That is why, for economic justice to occur, we strongly support an immediate increase in the minimum wage!            

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Feb. 14, 2014  By Jack Jodell   

Oligarch: A very rich businessman with a great deal of political influence. 

This is the third of a new intermittent series designed to spotlight the extremely sordid attempts by certain individuals and/or institutions to dominate the American political and economic system so as to ensure that our country’s poor and middle class are effectively shut out of power. These persons or groups aim to secure real  political and economic control only for logo cfgthemselves, as members of the wealthiest 1% minority of this nation. They are, therefore, the enemies of all poor or hardworking Americans who are within the 99% MAJORITY. Thus they are, by the very nature of who they are and what they do, DANGEROUS FOES OF DEMOCRACY! The focus of this installment shall be on the blatantly pro-wealthy, anti-worker CLUB FOR GROWTH.

mooreThis group was founded in 1999 by Stephen Moore, an economist who, to no one’s surprise, is a big advocate of free market policies and the now-thoroughly discredited supply-side economics. Hos co-founders were Richard Gilder, an owner of a brokerage firm which specializes in leveraged buyouts and shortselling, and Thomas L. “Dusty” Rhodes, a right wing political editor who once edited the National Review and now sits on the Board of Directors for several different groups. The mission of this group is to supposedly promote public policies gilderwhich support a high-growth economy. That sounds fine and dandy on the surface, but once one takes a closer look the flaws of this organization become quickly apparent. Like many libertarians and those on the far right (reactionary Tea Partiers), this group strongly supports “limited government” (i.e. deregulation and low taxes [especially on big business and the wealthy 1% minority]). They have thomas l rhodesbecome increasingly active on the political front over the past decade, involving themselves primarily in Republican primaries, wherein their PAC has funded and run attack ads against more moderate Republicans in an effort to elect more wacko government-hating Tea Party candidates to office. 

John Nichols has covered this group for some time in The Nation magazine. He has noted that the organization’s political advisor, R.J. Johnson, who was walker rthe chief political strategist of notorious anti-labor Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s successful campaign which severely damaged public workers’ rights in that state, has refused to divulge where the group has gotten its funding. One can be certain that it originated from some sneaky self-centered billionaire, or several of them, all of whom used the horrendous Citizens United decision to hide cowardly behind as they doled out millions of their own mpney to influence voters. They will undoubtedly attempt to repeat that success in this year’s nidterm elections. If they succeed this time, all leverage workers may have in any industry in the enrire nation will evaporate, and a new economic amd political Dark Ages will descend on all but the wealthiest oligarchs. That makes the Club for Growth the absolute enemy of all the poor and working class 99% MAJORITY of the population who sit far below them on the income scale. It decidedly makes this sorry group of billionaires a dangerous foe of democracy, and we must do all we can to defeat the candidates they put forth for election this November. Remember, workers and progressives – it won’t matter what the wealthiest 1% does if we in the 99% MAJORITY all unite against them and vote for progressive candidates this fall!                   .


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Feb. 7, 2014  By Jack Jodell.

Oligarch: A very rich businessman with a great deal of political influence. 

This is the second of a new intermittent series designed to spotlight the very sordid attempts by certain individuals and/or institutions to dominate the American political and economic system so as to ensure that our country’s poor and middle class are effectively shut out of power. These persons or groups aim to secure real  political and economic control only for themselves, as members of the wealthiest 1% minority of this nation. They are, therefore, chamber logothe enemies of all poor or hardworking Americans who are within the 99% MAJORITY. Thus they are, by the very nature of who they are and what they do, DANGEROUS FOES OF DEMOCRACY! The subject of this installment shall be the notably pro-business, and virulently anti-labor U.S, CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.

taft 2In late 1911, then-President William Howard Taft addressed Congress and cited the need for a “central organization in touch with associations and chambers of commerce throughout the country and able to keep purely American interests in a closer touch with different phases of commercial affairs.” Taft, an intelligent, fair-minded man who was, to a degree, the last of the early 20th century progressive Republican presidents, couldn’t possibly have known then the full and damaging effect of what he was calling for, or that his vision would someday become a rabid force for globalization that would marginalize workers’ power worldwide. For in April, 1912, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was born, Over the next century, it would find great success in networking itself to found member branches all throughout our country and even in a number of foreign countries as well. It survived the Great Depression and flourished as a very successful lobby for American business interests.

There was nothing wrong with the creation of this entity per se. However, as time went on, it morphed from a mainly loose-knit, primarily local  type of group which often served as a boon to not only local businesses but also to the community they were in, to a malignant, nationally powerful lobby which has ended up serving the interests of major and even multinational corporations.  sourpuss paranoid donohueThe 1996 election of the notorious Tom Donohue as President and CEO of the Chamber directly led to its drastic transformation into its current far-right, corporatist status. This man has been a champion of every cause strongly opposed by progressives, labor leaders, women, and environmentalists. He has greatly and successfully expanded the group’s lobbying efforts in Congress,  He has opposed increasing the minimum wage, and, very recently, criticized government efforts to help reduce income  two reactionary snakesinequality. The Chamber has even helped promote our record disparity in wealth by strongly supporting George W. Bush’s ridiculous tax cuts for the rich a decade ago! It has aided attempts to deregulate Wall Street; has strongly opposed many pro-consumer, pro-public safety, and pro-worker laws for many decades. It has been greatly supportive of major polluters. The Chamber is a big advocate of the XL Pipeline, for example. As long as big oil can make even more big bucks, the Chamber of Commerce will continue to be its big ally. It has also opposed many women’s rights issues, and has even worked to roll back campaign finance laws. It has fought every single attempt to reform health care in America, dating from President Truman up until the present day. This horrible organization doesn’t even represent American business exclusively any longer, having set up a fund for foreign corporations to donate into, with the funds then being directed into political attack ads against selected public officials in this country. Like a renegade corporation obsessed with obtaining maximum profit for businesses regardless of the social or political damage which may result, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is no longer a moderate or benign lobbying group. Rather, it has become a dangerous foe of democracy, and will unhesitatingly even destroy that democracy if necessary to achieve its excessive lust for that profit. Thus, I strongly urge all American businesspersons and laborers to oppose this malevolent organization on all counts!

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Jan. 29. 2014  By Jack Jodell. 

Oligarch: A very rich businessman with a great deal of political influence. 

With this post,  I begin a new intermittent series designed to spotlight the very sordid attempts by certain individuals and/or institutions to dominate the American political and economic system so as to ensure that our country’s poor and middle class are effectively shut out of power. These persons or groups aim to secure real  political and economic control only for themselves, as members of the wealthiest 1% minority of this nation. They are, therefore, the enemies of all poor or hardworking Americans who are within the 99% MAJORITY. Thus they are, by the very nature of who they are and what they do, DANGEROUS FOES OF DEMOCRACY! The first subject of this series shall begin with wealthy North Carolina business tycoon ART POPE.

pope l 2James Arthur “Art” Pope was born in 1956 into a prosperous North Carolina family which owns the discount retail chain Variety Wholesalers, Inc.,  This chain owns over 440 retail stores (among which are the Roses and Maxway stores) operating throughout the southeast. Pope majored in Political Science and also attained a Law degree, and eventually settled in to the family business, serving as their general counsel and in several other capacities as well, eventually becoming president, CEO, and Chairman of the Board. His father founded the John William Pope Foundation in 1930, and son Art has also served as president and chairman of that as well. This foundation has been supportive of conservative political, social, and economic  causes for many years.

pope rLike his counterparts the notorious Koch Brothers, Art Pope inherited vast wealth and has increased it over the years. He, like they, also spent time in the government-hating Libertarian Party before settling into the new, far-right reactionary Tea Party-infested Republican Party. Over a great many years, Pope has invested millions in far0right think tanks and many other far-right foundations, all of which have been strong advocates of free market philosophies. Pope has even donated heavily to groups like the Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity. Whether it has been anti-tax, anti-regulation, or anti-labor activism, these far-right groups have always found an eager and willing generous donor in Art Pope!

pope lMany wealthy primarily white North Carolinians grew alarmed with the election of a black Democratic president in 2008 and the election of a Democratic Senator. They were also greatly upset with the appearance of huge numbers of newly-registered African-American voters, most of whom vote Democratic. Art Pope was no exception here. He began to selectively target his state’s purple districts, investing very heavily in conservative Republican and reactionary Tea Party candidates in each of them. With this shrewd manoeuver  and boatloads of cash, in 4 years time, Pope almost single-handedly converted North Carolina from a purplish state into one that was solidly red. He even became Deputy Budget Director in 2013 for newly-elected far-right reactionary governor Pat McCrory. These newly-elected reactionary Republicans wasted little time in solidifying their absolute control over the state: they immediately redrew districts so as to confine minorities and left-leaning voters in three bizarre districts, leaving the rest of the state to be overwhelmingly Republican dominated for a great many years to come. They also instituted the most restrictive laws dealing with women’s reproductive rights in the entire country. To ensure that left-leaning voters would forever be shut out of North Carolina politics, they also severely restricted student and minority voting by eliminating early voting opportunities. These actions had nothing to do with fairness or increasing voter participation. Instead, they had the chilling effect of disenfranchising  a HUGE number of potential Democratic voters. Pope and his rabid like-minded associates had effectively turned North Carolina into a one-party state, and that is certainly NOT democracy in action!

extreme courtmoneybags popeThe horribly wrong Extreme Court Citizens United 2010 decision which declared that money is free speech (when it most certainly is NOT) has opened the floodgates to wholly unregulated corporate campaign contributions, and has permitted wealthy individuals like Art Pope to effectively buy politicians outright and swing elections to their favor. It has allowed sneaky billionaires like the Koch Brothers and Art Pope to hide behind their foundations and lobbying groups and funnel millions of dollars to candidates who favor their position. This creates an unfair advantage for members of the 1% and eliminates any leverage that poor or working Americans may once have had. These oligarchs love to claim they are for free enterprise and free markets, but in reality, all they actually want is to dominate and control our economic, social, and governmental institutions in a brazen attempt to squeeze as much money and power as they can for themselves, and to hell with everybody else. These are dangerous foes of democracy, and we progressives must block and thwart their every move so as to  ensure that fairness and egalitarianism will ultimately prevail. We must unceasingly work to get money out of politics altogether and elect solid progressive-minded candidates for at the very least the next 3 or 4 elections monbot2to realize that goal! Democracy is NOT a spectator sport – get in there, get active, roll up your sleeves, and let’s get to work to get rid of the plethora of bought-out corporate toadies we now have in government who are wasting YOUR tax dollars by passing legislation which only benefits the very wealthy! Join the MORAL MONDAY MARCH on February 8 as it targets Art Pope in his back yard of Raleigh, NC!                                                                                                                                     

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Jan. 24, 2014  By Jack Jodell. 

Few Americans bemoaned the collapse of the old Soviet Union when it occurred nearly a quarter century ago. After all, it had quickly regressed from its once nobly-inspired idealistic goals of economic equality for all (with a heady dose of libertine social practices thrown in) to a series of brutal, corrupt dictatorships which employed deadly force and the complete suppression of all human rights, social as well as economic, to maintain itself. While claiming allegiance to the theories of German philosopher Karl Marx, it (as well as most of its subsequent derivative forms, like the Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Cuban models, to name but a few) differed quite a bit from true Marxism. The only common tenet between all of these variations seemed to be their justified aversion to capitalism, and their extreme suppression of religion and human rights. One would have hoped that uber-wealthy capitalists would have learned their lesson from the collapse of institutionalized Marxism, and would have modified their overly self-centered obsession with grabbing as much economic, social, and governmental power for themselves as possible, but such was not the case. Instead of trying to correct their previous mistakes and trying to prevent the future re-emergence of an even greater form of Marxism, since the mid-1970s, these greedy capitalists (call them the 1% if you will) have embarked on an unprecedented global rampage of greedy acquisition and control. Their aim is to grab as much profit as they can for themselves. To achieve this, they will ruthlessly employ any means necessary, and will effectively create a world populated by only two classes: the HAVES (themselves), and the HAVE-NOTS (everybody else). If they are successful (and it appears that they are well on the way to achieving their sordid goal), the American middle class will completely disappear, as will all labor unions, and every regulation on business which has provided at least some degree of relative fairness and safety for workers for over 100 years! Yes, in their zeal to eradicate any form of state control over business practices whatsoever, this 1% will end up once again instituting feudalism and/or indentured servitude. “Freedom” as we have come to know it will be gone, and the only “free” persons left will be those elites sitting smugly in that upper 1%. The 99% MAJORITY will become slaves, completely devoid of power or influence.

 The dreadful “Citizens United” Extreme Court decision of 2010 sealed the fate of American democracy. It ensured that this country is now a democracy fdr driving forwardin name only. Franklin Delano Roosevelt warned us in 1936 that “government by organized money is just as dangerous as government by organized mob.” These were very profound words. Americans in 1936 wisely accepted those words, and allowed FDR and his overwhelmingly progressive Democratic congressional majority to enact very sensible and fair-minded legislation which by absolute necessity included strict regulations on banking and business overall. In 1944, Roosevelt even proclaimed what he thought should be enacted for the entire country once it had emerged victorious from World War II. He called it the “Second Bill of Rights”, and it is a shame he died before it could even be legislated on or implemented. It is indeed visionary, and definitely deserves a second look today…

This “Second Bill of Rights” would provide economic security and prosperity for all citizens, regardless of their race, creed, or station in life. For many years, all the nation’s self-centered economic wannabes have insisted that this goal is impossible to reach, but I strongly disagree with that assertion. For one thing, we have never seriously tried to accomplish it. For another. libertarians and paranoid conservatives have long opposed and have even fought such pro-citizen action by all levels of government. They have obstructed and even sabotaged attempts to legislate and implement such beneficial action. In the few cases where such legislation  has been passed into law, they have largely succeeded in blocking necessary funds for its implementation or have filibustered it into inaction. has been passed into law, they have largely succeeded in filibustering it into de facto inaction on funding. Even before the odious Citizens Omited ruling, wealthy libertarians lide the nefarious inherited-money Koch Brothers began holding a great many secret meetings with like-minded billionaires on how best to subvert our democratic process by stealthily buying-out select politicians and by funding massive misinformation campaigns designed to confuse and misdirect voters.  Encouraged by the deluded, paranoid ex-Supreme Court Justice Louis Powell’s seriously misguided beliefs that America’s economy was in danger and under assault by a middle class that had grown too prosperous at the expense of the wealthy, these reverse Robin Hoods set out to “correct” this “injustice” by engaging in stealthy, democratic subversion. Their idea of solving this so-called problem has resulted in massive deregulation efforts which have directly led to an increase in citizen poverty, oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere, the Great Recession of 2008, massive unemployment, reduced wages for new jobs, increased air pollution, polluted, undrinkable water in most of West Virginia, and a host of other undesirable and even dangerous effects across the country. In short, it has led to increased anxiety, misery, loss of civil rights, and even death for all bit the very wealthiest 1%. It is NOT a legacy to be proud of or even to emulate!

colr fdrIt is high time this country returned to review and even adopt FDR’s visionary Second Bill of Rights! For it justly called for all American citizens the right to be recipients of a sufficient amount of nutritious, uncontaminated FOOD. FDR also called for everyone to have the right to live in decent, safe, and affordable HOUSING. He correctly believed that this right was far more important than high profits for mortgage bankers, land developers, and even landlords.  Roosevelt then called for all Americans to have the right to a good-paying JOB. The only way any economy can really thrive is fdr colorizedif its consumers have enough money to spend and are actually able to utilize the goods and services their labor produces. THAT IS WHY AN IMMEDIATE INCREASE IN THE MINIMUM WAGE TO MORE THAN $10 PER HOUR IS SO VITALLY IMPORTANT, and also WHY THE BARGAINING POWER OF LABOR UNIONS MUST BE UNNEDIATELT RESTORED! FDR also recognized HEALTH CARE to be an essential human right. Sadly, our current President, Congress, and industry leaders do not. Instead, they view it as a commodity – something to be purchased on the open market, which means that the very poor or working poor will not have access to it or will often receive lesser quality care. For this reason, we must eradicate these nonsensical greedy, profiteering health care insurers from the scene altogether and replace our bogus current system with a UNIVERSAL, single-payer system NOW! Roosevelt also called for every cirizen to receive a decent EDUCATION so that he or she would be able to attain gainful employment at a livable wage. Below is a partial text of what and why he called for these things. He [resented this in his January, 1944 State of the Union Address:

1944 fdrIt is our duty now to begin to lay the plans and determine the strategy for the winning of a lasting peace and the establishment of an American standard of living higher than ever before known. We cannot be content, no matter how high that general standard of living may be, if some fraction of our people—whether it be one-third or one-fifth or one-tenth—is ill-fed, ill-clothed, ill-housed, and insecure.

This Republic had its beginning, and grew to its present strength, under the protection of certain inalienable political rights—among them the right of free speech, free press, free worship, trial by jury, freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures. They were our rights to life and liberty.

As our nation has grown in size and stature, however—as our industrial economy expanded—these political rights proved inadequate to assure us equality in the pursuit of happiness.

We have come to a clear realization of the fact that true individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. “Necessitous men are not free men.”[3] People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made.

In our day these economic truths have become accepted as self-evident. We have accepted, so to speak, a second Bill of Rights under which a new basis of security and prosperity can be established for all—regardless of station, race, or creed.

Among these are:

1944 fdrThe right to a useful and remunerative job in the industries or shops or farms or mines of the nation;

The right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation;

The right of every farmer to raise and sell his products at a return which will give him and his family a decent living;

The right of every businessman, large and small, to trade in an atmosphere of freedom from unfair competition and domination by monopolies at home or abroad;

The right of every family to a decent home;

The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health;

The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident, and unemployment;

The right to a good education.

All of these rights spell security. And after this war is won we must be prepared to move forward, in the implementation of these rights, to new goals of human happiness and well-being.

America’s own rightful place in the world depends in large part upon how fully these and similar rights have been carried into practice for all our citizens.

For unless there is security here at home there cannot be lasting peace in the world.”

Now THAT is the way a truly progressive and visionary President believes and addresses both Congress and the people! Regrettably, we are today sadly lacking in such caliber of leadership. Our political parties have drifted FAR to the right of where they were in 1944. Instead of regulating corporations to ensure fairness in the marketplace and a livable wage for ALL, most current Democrats and nearly all Republicans have instead deregulated them to the point where corporate needs and wants of the wealthiest 1% are placed well ahead of the MAJORITY 99% below them on the income scale. That is why the next several elections are so very crucial to the future of the country, and why a clear majority of Progressives MUST be elected to Congress AND even to the presidency! We must all work hard to evict as many conservatives and reactionary Tea Party libertarians and Republicans from government as possible. This “Second Bill of Rights MUST be resurrected and implemented, before corporatists succeed in their aim to inflict us all in a new economic Dark Ages! 


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Jan. 9, 2014.  By Jack Jodell.

Hello again, everybody. Upon reviewing my last post, I realized that I had left off some very legitimate names of persons who could rightfully claim to be a hero or heroine to those dedicated to the progressive cause. These I list below definitely deserve our support going forward, as they have demonstrated themselves time and again to be true public servants interested in promoting policies beneficial to the well-being of the vast majority of our citizens:

elizabeth warrenELIZABETH WARREN stands at the very top of this list. A newcomer to the U.S. Senate, she has wasted little time in exposing Wall Street’s abuses and corporate greed. She is a tireless advocate for the American consumer and has pushed for many common sense regulatory measures dealing with economic justice for the 99% MAJORITY. No wonder the bought-out, corporatist 1% minority who comprise the Tea Party-infested, reactionary Republican Party hate her as they do! For that reason alone, she deserves our support. Warren has been mentioned as a potential Democratic Party candidate for 2016, which would suit me fine. Actually, though, I would rather see the Senate and especially the House of Representatives come to be dominated by like-minded progressive types. Then we’d start seeing some genuine beneficial change in our government!

keith ellisonAs a leader of the House Progressive Caucus, Minnesota’s own KEITH ELLISON has been active both at the state and now the federal level for a long time promoting pro-people, economic justice policies. A bitter foe of the corporate elite and a strong advocate for the poor and very exploited middle class, Ellison is a rising star in progressive politics and is definitely worth watching.  

jphn conyersA long-time champion of economic justice and a big friend of working Americans has been Michigan 13th District Representative JOHN CONYERS, JR. In 2003, Conyers first presented a bill to the House called The National Health Care Act, which called for the installation of a single-payer. universal health care system for the entire nation. Regretfully, it has never been passed into law. Undaunted, Conyers has reintroduced this bill in every session since, including his latest reintroduction just this past week. Though very unlikely to pass even now, ot shows that this persistent Congressman has his head and heart in the correct place, and, with enough like-minded cohorts in Congress, we may yet see such a sensible, all-inclusive bill finally become law. Let’s hope and continue to push for it!

stephanie millersteph millerFormer actress and now radio talk-show host and new Free Speech TV political pundit STEPHANIE MILLER provides us with an uplifting and slightly irreverent show which I have found highly entertaining to turn onto. Her upbeat personality certainly carries the day, and I would put her in the must listen to / must watch category! 

sherrod brownOhio Senator SHERROD BROWN has been a very reliable advocate of economic justice policies since first hitting the Senate 7 years ago and even before that. A former schoolteacher, Brown knows full well the struggles middle class and the poor have been facing in this era of global economic exploitation. In his book Myths of Free Trade,  Brown forcefully states that  “an unregulated global economy is a threat to all of us.” These are words to the wise for all who have failed to grasp the harmful effect that foolishly one-sided trade agreements like NAFTA  and CAFTA, among many others, have had on our farmers and industrial workers. This is a good man with a solid vision on what is right, wrong, and fair in the global economy. He should be listened to by all, and he is more than deserving of our support.

jo, c;uburnRep. JIM CLYBURN of South Carolina has earned top-notch progressive honors with his long term  strong support for environmental issues, organized labor, health care for all. and for social and economic justice. He can be reliably counted on to vote correctly on nearly all hot button progressive issues. This is a thoughtful man, who always seems to carefully weigh what would work best for those who need help the very most. We can often see him giving his input on and promoting his progressive beliefs on the major news networks.

greenwald rFilm producer ROBERT GREENWALD, with his factual and informative Brave New Films line of excellent progressive films exposing the lies of conservative, reactionary, and even greedy corporate America, is constantly producing and releasing new titles in order to counteract the nonstop lying and distortion being peddled by the far right every single day through the very ideological and dishonest Fox “News.” We can take great pride in knowing that Mr. Greenwald is out there dispensing actual truth! 

These are just a few more of the many forward-thinking individuals who are actively working on behalf of the normal, non corporatist, non-special interest 99% MAJORITY of this country. There are also many others actively engaged in pushing forward for the betterment of ALL citizens’ lives. Unlike the noisy, attention-grabbing loudmouthed reactionary Republicans, these activists are decidedly NOT obstructionists and actually believe our federal government has a legitimate role in regulating big corporate interests and helping to level the economic playing field to create opportunity for ALL citizens – NOT just a privileged few. They should serve as inspirations for us to work hard this year to ensure that many more of their kind are elected to office.                

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Jan. 4, 2014  By Jack Jodell.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everybody! I thought I’d start this new year on a positive note. Lord knows, this blog has spent a very long time focusing on the negative aspects of our government, economy, and military, and will continue doing so. But today I wish to concentrate mainly on people and events I believe are pointing us in a more hopeful, fair, and positive direction. In this world dominated by corporate greed, industrial polluters, and the psychopathic paranoids enmeshed within our military-industrial complex, the people I will highlight here today will seem like a very welcome breath of fresh air. Each, in his or her own way, can give us inspiration and hope that the world to come will indeed be better and more just.

thom hartmannFirst and foremost is my long-time favorite leftie commentator, THOM HARTMANN. This genteel man has been the voice of progressive reason both on talk radio and even cable and satellite TV for many years. He dispels conservative folly with fact, engages in respectful and civil debate with critics on the right, and even features part of his weekly programming for a viewer / listener call-in session with the ever-fair minded, worker-friendly Sen. Bernie Sanders (I – VT). Hartmann has just released a brand new, must-read book called The Crash of 2016. Through acrash cover solid. analytical documentation based heavily upon past political and economic precedent, he predicts that we are on the verge of what may quite possibly be perhaps the worst economic catastrophe in history – even more devastating than the recent Great Recession of 2008 or the Great Depression of the 1930s.  A word to the wise: as Hartmann tends to never engage in sensationalism and is always reliably well-researched, it is definitely well worth your time and money to pick up a copy of this easy-to-read book and see what he is talking about. I would also encourage those of you not yet familiar with him to Google his website and view or listen to some of his more recent shows. I’m sure you’ll be inspired by his modesty and his sincere concern for all of us in the 99% MAJORITY. Catch him on FREE SPEECH TV (available on DIRECTV, DISH Network, and many other cable TV stations as well).

gwen barryGWEN BARRY is another long time, tireless leftie activist who also seeks economic and social justice plus environmental sanity worldwide. She and I co-host a weekly Sunday online radio program on Blog Talk Radio called Here Be Monsters: The Sunday Show. It runs from 6 – 7 PM Eastern time each week, and is chock-full of liberal, progressive, and even radical activists, each of whom is actively involved in pushing forward and bettering the human condition for not only this generation but for succeeding ones as well. You can hear past archives of the show by going to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/here-be-monsters. You can even call in to the showand take part live by calling 213-816-O357. Trolls beware: we keep active record of all incoming calls, and any attempts to disrupt the program with obscenity or threats will be turned over to the proper authorities. We hope all you serious callers will tune in, or will call us with a comment soon!

david pakmanThe youngest leftie pundit / commentator on talk radio or cable / satellite TV is DAVID PAKMAN. He can also be found on FREE SPEECH TV. Mr. Pakman is on top of all the latest issues and is, fortunately, also on the correct side. This enterprising young man is only 29 at this writing and is already on mote than 150 stations. He is sharp and bright, and brings a fresh new approach to political commentary. He is a credit to his generation and definitely deserves repeated listens and viewership.

amy gAMY GOODMAN is also a tireless fighter for equality and economic and social justice. She can be viewed on LINK TV, FREE SPEECH TV, and also online. This tough but gentle, kind-hearted, and persistent woman has seen it all and is one of the few true investigative journalists we still have with us today. Like everyone else on this page, she is committed to truth in media, economic and social justice, and to a cleaner environment.She is a credit to her profession, and her program, DEMOCRACY NOW!, is not to ne missed!

francis rThe Roman Catholic Church’s new POPE FRANCIS is emerging as a powerful voice for social and economic justice. His recent pronouncements condemning greed, capitalistic self-centered excesses, and discrimination against gays, plus his advocacy of love and understanding for all are a great improvement over that Church’s  seeming acceptance of the status quo and bear watching for the future. After all, any Pope condemned as a “Marxist” by that blowhard Rush Limbaugh is definitely on the correct track!

cherri lCHERRI FOYTLIN is another notable activist who is boldly standing up to BP in the Gulf of Mexico and against industrial polluters across the nation. She has appeared on CNN and is a frequent guest on our Here Be Monsters Sunday show. Since the horrendous BP oil spill in 2010, she has waged a courageous war against environmental pollution, which she correctly believes is harming her young children and irreparably damaging the entire world. You can read her blog at http://www.bridgethegulfproject.org/blog

general millscheeriosHats off to General Mills, for their announcement that, starting very soon, they will be offering their original Cheerios brand ONLY as a non-GMO product! While I wish that would apply to ALL of their products, that is at least a helpful first step in the proper direction! Let’s press the rest of our food manufacturers to adopt the same policy!

These are but a few of the many fabulous people who are actively working for everyone’s benefit in this new year, and also some of the great and very desirable changes which are beginning to appear on the horizon. Progressives, we have a great deal to look forward to, so let us NOT fall into apathy or complacency and redouble our efforts to elect a progressive Congress this fall! Remember, if the 99% votes and does so correctly next fall, it won’t matter one bit what the 1% does! Let us resolve to send those extremist, Tea Party-infested reactionary Republicans and special interests packing!  And, speaking of corporate money common cause logodominating our politics, keep in mind that both Common Cause and Move to Amend.org are actively waging strong campaigns to abolish the very odious and harm-move to amend logoful Citizens United Supreme Court decision! BOTH of these groups find the argument that corporations are people and that money is free speech to be completely flawed and ludicrous. BOTH groups wish to overturn that horrible decision, so BOTH groups deserve our strong support! So let us not be discouraged, and let us get re-energized and commit ourselves firmly to try to begin to attain social, economic, and political justice in 2014!                         

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