September 30, 2012  By Jack Jodell

Welcome back, readers, for this second-to-last compilation of the lies told this month by Mitt Romney and his overly-eager-beaver stooge running mate, Paul RUIN. It is nearly harvest time, and this month’s crop of whoppers told by these pathological liars should not disappoint or surprise you, since these lies are nearly constant.  So roll up your cuffs and put your boots on as we will now descend into this month’s batch of bull!

1). Romney told a reporter recently that, when it comes to being accurate, his campaign has been  “absolutely spot on…anytime there’s been anything that’s been amiss, we correct or remove it.” This has certainly NOT been true when it comes to his assertion that President Obama is “raiding Medicare” and stealing $716 billion from it to finance Obamacare, a claim that has been debunked by many fact checkers!

2). In his ads, Romney keeps repeating the doctored footage which shows Obama quoting his opponent IN 2008, John McCain, saying “If we keep talking about the economy, we’ll lose!” Romney is dishonestly attempting to make it look like Obama is talking about his own administration NOW!

3). Paul RUIN recently addressed an AARP convention by saying, to a loud chorus of boos, that “The first step to a stronger Medicare is to repeal Obamacare, because it represents the worst of both worlds.” First of all, Ruin and Romney both want to abolish Medicare as we know it by turning it into a voucher system which would result in greatly increased costs to individual senior citizens. Secondly, abolishing Obamacare would doom Medicare to bankruptcy by the year 2016! Thirdly, Obama’s actions have strengthened Medicare and have made it solvent until at least 2024!

4). Romney said, to a group of wealthy donors, “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims…. my job is not to worry about these people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” This foolhardy statement completely ignores the FACT that a number of these people are millionaires like him who NEVER pay income taxes, while others are low-income retirees who are not required to pay income taxes, while even others are on disability, cannot work or pay taxes, much as they would undoubtedly like to! To assume, as Romney clearly does, that pro-Obama voters are all parasitic low lifes sucking the government’s teat dry is callous, ignorant, and a LIE! 

5). Paul RUIN said, “… And by the way, under President Clinton, we got welfare reform … which moved people from welfare to work, to get people out of poverty. President Obama is rolling back welfare reform.” This, of course, is a gross distortion of the TRUE facts! What Obama did, AT THE REQUEST OF SEVERAL REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS, was  to enable them to exempt their states from his decree, PROVIDED THAT THESE STATES DEMONSTRATED WORKABLE PLANS TO INCREASE THE NUMBERS OF PEOPLE GETTING OFF OF WELFARE TO GET JOBS. Ruin’s assertion is a LIE, and even Bill Vlinton has said so!

6). Romney claims that Obama’s proposed cuts in defense will adversely affect services for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet earlier this month, the White House proclaimed that virtually ALL of the Veterans Affairs Department budget would be EXEMPT if and when overall budget cuts go into effect January, 2013. Just another attempt at a fear-provoking LIE by Romney!

7). For a really comprehensive documentation of all the LIES told by Romney over a 30 WEEK period, go to You will be utterly amazed that this gigantic phony isn’t in jail!

I’ll be back on Halloween with the tragic last installment of the disgraceful lies this 2012 Republican presidential ticket has been telling all year. They are truly despicably reckless liars with absolutely no respect or regard for the truth, and they DO NOT DESERVE YOUR VOTE!

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September 28, 2012  By Jack Jodell

From each according to his ability; to each according to his need.” So wrote the founder of communism, Karl Marx, in his brilliant 1875 summation of what he envisioned would occur once the human race had achieved true communism. Indeed, on the face of it, at least, his Communist Manifesto seemed to provide a common sense and even noble goal for all to aspire to. After all, if followed and implemented properly, it would lead to pure democracy and equality in all aspects of life, including even pure economic democracy. But Marx failed to account for basic human selfishness, and his attempt to rechannel humanity into a more selfless type of race would be doomed. While Marx was a superb analyst and diagnostician of the failures of the 19th century capitalism of his time, his prescription for overcoming these failures through the establishment of a “dictatorship of the proletariat” was tragically flawed. The millions of people brutally fear-stricken, tortured, and even murdered at the hands of his followers – Lenin, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Castro, and most of the rest – are ample evidence of that. Yet there was a great deal of underlying truth in Marx’s writings. For example, whether or not religion is actually “the opiate of the masses”, as Marx had stated, none can deny the conservative, status quo-enforcing effect many far-right Christian churches have exerted on our society over the years. Marx had also predicted that capitalism would eventually bring anout its own downfall. The failure of modern day capitalism, with its ever-increasing disparity of wealth and rapidly disappearing upward mobility, makes me wonder if perhaps the end of the capitalist system as we know it may well be underway.

Of course, to listen to those in the Tea Party and the reactionary Republican Party it has now infested, Marx’s philosophy is all wrong and pure, laissez-faire capitalism is the only route to follow. Both Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and his eager-beaver stooge running mate Paul RUIN insist that renewing  the failed economic policies of deregulation and sustained huge tax cuts for the rich will save our slumping economy. Ruin even continues to espouse the ridiculous philosophy of the hypocritical elitist Ayn Rand - who for decades preached that the rich should get everything and that the federal government had no business in providing a social safety net for the poor - but then accepted both Medicare and Social Security for herself once she became elderly! Meanwhile, a recently popularized video of Romney from last May has shown that he, too, cares not one bit for the poor or struggling middle class, and in fact views them as leeches and parasites! It is abundantly clear from this video that Romney only wishes to reward the very wealthy with even bigger tax cuts while ending or severely reducing social aid programs for the needy at the same time! These diabolical voices for the far-right just keep preaching the same old insanity, even though their preferred economic model has repeatedly failed for the past 83 YEARS! For they have been advocating an economic system which basically believes “from each according to his ability; to each according to his GREED!” You read it right, folks: with their constant calls for more deregulation and less opportunity for the poor through a reduced federal government, Romney and Ruin are proposing to destroy all the gains made from the New Deal and Great Society programs of the 1930s – 1960s, and this must simply NOT be allowed to happen! For their idea of economics is highly myopic and smacks of self-interest. It is merely a preponderance of greed!   

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September 25, 2012  By Jack Jodell

Our latest entrant into this select field is not even American by heritage. Rather, he is British – Pakistani by birth, but has been in this country a number of years; loves and respects our people and institutions; and even hosts his own one-hour news and commentary program on MSNBC-TV Mondays-Fridays at 4 PM Eastern time. His name is MARTIN BASHIR, and I urge those of you who have not yet done so to tune him in.

Bashir, who was born in London in 1963, has shown he inderstands very well the importance a strong government plays in the overall well-being of its citizens. The son of Pakistani parents, he had a brother who was afflicted with muscular dystrophy, and it was from his own firsthand experience with that he learned the value of “big government”. For it was the United Kingdom’s well-developed social safety net which provided the necessary medical, special education, day care, transportation, and respite services which were so crucial to the comfort and care of his afflicted brother as well as to the entire family who had to deal with that round-the-clock crisis.

Bashir has had a very broad, if relatively short, career in journalism. He attended King Alfred’s College of Higher Education, and became a journalist with the BBC and ITV before coming to America. He gained fame here through an exhaustive series of interviews featuring the late pop-icon Michael Jackson as well as having previously interviewed the UK’s late Princess Diana.  Before settling in at MSNBC in 2010, he co-hosted ABC’s popular Nightline series for a time.

Originally known for a kind of salacious style of reporting, Bashir’s current show is anything but that. He devotes his coverage mainly to serious topics of a political and sometimes cultural bent. Indeed, his demeanor is both probing and thoughtful rather than obsessed with scandal. His hallmarks are staying on topic (and keeping his guests there as well), and asking sharp, pointed, no-nonsense questions. Unlike his counterparts over at Fox “News”,  he never soft-serves his guests or spoon-feeds them the latest political party talking points. Bashir is far too analytical for that. He does not put up with any attempt at spinning by those who appear on his show, and will even cut them short and demand a truthful answer when necessary. The amazing thing is that he does all of this with a very genteel manner. It is particularly entertaining to watch him grill obviously-lying persons on the far-right, something precious few other political pundits do anymore (with the possible exception of Chris Matthews). He is particularly appalled at the obvious hatred and contempt the current extremist Republican far-right shows toward President Obama, and often editorializes against the hateful and uncooperative actions these types exhibit.

For these and many other reasons, especially because he understands the necessity of having government provide a strong social safety net for the afflicted and underprivileged, Martin Bashir is definitely worthy of the title “Hero of American Journalism.” I strongly urge you to tune in to a few of his shows, for if you do so, I am confident that you, too, will agree that this is an uncommon and very decent and honest reporter.

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September 11, 2012  By Jack Jodell

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post. Regretfully, my computer has been infected with a virus which has prevented me from logging onto it. I hope to have this unfortunate situation remedied within the next few days, but until I do, there will be no more posts forthcoming. Please do stop by on occasion, as I will eventually be up again, stronger than ever! Thank you for your patience, and I hope to be back with you soon! :-)

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September 3, 2013  By Jack Jodell

HAPPY LABOR DAY to all who labor in America and across the globe, from the bakers to the bank tellers; from the warehouse workers to the salespeople; from the  carpenters to the bricklayers to the package deliverers to the mail carriers;  from the house cleaners to the seamstresses to the servers, from the pilots to the baggage handlers; and to all other shades of worker everywhere else and in-between!  This Monday marks the one holiday we in the United States have set aside to honor those who toil to build our roads, bridges, and buildings; to those who teach,  coach, and nurse us; to those who sell, clerk, and cook for us;  to those craftspersons who help make our lives more beautiful and simpler; to all who help produce the goods and services we sell to provide profit for our businesses and stockholders. Though our middle class is currently under assault by those greedy few who are perched at the very top of our income scale (and their bought-out cohorts in Congress), let us NEVER FORGET what truly brought about the broad expansion of our great middle class and caused us to become, for many years,  the wealthiest nation per capita  in history: LABOR UNIONS. And also remember: it was our FEDERAL GOVERNMENT which enabled these labor unions to start and which protected their development in their crucial early years! That’s right, far-right and anti-labor Republican Party: it was the bargaining power from COLLECTIVE bargaining that labor unions provided which gave previously underpaid and exploited workers the power to obtain a good wage so they could actually BUY what they produced! This, of course, led to a great upswing in demand for new and better products, powered a great upswing in job creation, and created greater opportunities for businesses and a huge and sustained rise in profit!

Now, before any of you start pooh-poohing labor unions; think you are too good to belong to one; or start talking nonsense like “unions were needed long ago but have now outlived their usefulness”, consider what they created for you which lasts mostly to this very day: better working conditions, livable wages, pension plans, a meaningful voice in how your company conducted its business toward you, as well as time and a half for hours worked in excess of 40 per week. THEY PREVENTED YOU FROM BEING A THROW-AWAY SLAVE TO YOUR EMPLOYER! Not only that, but they have also secureed job protection against unfair dismissal as well as providing consumers with the certainty that union-made products were safe to use and well built! Union police and firefighters have kept us safe, sometimes even at the cost of their own lives. Union truckers have delivered millions of tons of our merchandise and supplies, and have done so safely and efficiently. Even today, unions are the only thing which enables workers in depressed areas, likr our own coal-mining Appalachia region, to receive a decent, livable wage. Without the strength of the unions behind them, these poor workers would be hopelessly underpaid and forced to work in a very dangerous environment without adequate safety standards. Without union protection, cave-ins due to neglect by greedy mine owners would be even more frequent than they are now.

So don’t let today’s short-sighted and greedy 1%-ers like Mitt Romney, his running mate Paul RUIN, or other stuffy, hateful, reactionary Republicans like
Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, or Eric Cantor buffalo you into hating unions or their employees, or into believing that it was these unions who are responsible for your difficulties in getting a good job. All these politicians  are trying to do is increase our already far too great disparity in wealth by pitting one worker against another for an ever-shrinking slice of the available income pie! Instead, be grateful for all that unions have attained for you so far either directly or indirectly, and be determined to fight to restore all that has been taken from you! Also, realize how much better off our country would be if ALL workers were unionized and could force these greedy 1%-ers into sharing the vast wealth YOU provided for them with YOUR labor and are currently withholding frpm you and hanging onto themselves by forcing down YOUR wages!

MOST of all, though, DON’T VOTE for these 1%-ers, NOR their apologists, NOR their enablers in the
upcoming November elections!
You’ll know who these people to avoid voting f
or are by the language they’ll use. They’ll praise “free enterprise” and “free
markets” and “free trade” even as they scheme to export YOUR job to some slave-labor market overseas, and  demonize labor unions and those who believe the very richest among us should pay a higher tax rate, much as they pay in every other westrern, industrialized, CIVILIZED country!

Contrary to what most  of today’s far-right, extremist Republicans will tell you, businesses did
NOT spring up all by themselves or simply because one entrepreneur had a good idea and worked by him-or-herself to make that business grow. Rather, the undeniable TRUTH is that these businesses came about as a direct result of JOINT efforts between the business originator, the

Again, Happy Labor Day to all. Now stand tall and be proud this week, those of you who DON’T own your own business, and please remember these thoughts
all of this week and beyond. For YOU are every bit as mportant, if not even MORE so, than those who DO own businesses. For it is YOU, through the many goods and services YOU produce, and with the money YOU spend to buy the groceries, cars, and
houses which YOU make, who are the REAL JOB CREATORS!

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Aug. 31, 2012  By Jack Jodell

We’ve reached the end of the month, so it’s time for another Mitt Romney’s LIES Roundup. Now, since he has chosen Congressman Paul RUIN to be his running mate (who is becoming as skilled at lying as Romney is), I  have decided to rename this monthly feature ROMNEY’S AND RUIN’S LIES ROUNDUP. This month has been a real doozy, as you shall see. Keep in mind, this is not ALL of the Romney.Ryan/Political surrogate lies that were told this month. It is only a digest of some very important ones. Valuable, truthful, related sites include and both Mother Jones and The Daily Kos, links to which can be found in my Blogroll at bottom right. You can also Google “Mitt Romney’s Lies”, where you’ll find an unheard-of 1,490,000 results! Here we go, then, with this month’s collection:

1).  President Obama is trying to end the work requirement for welfare recipients. NOTHING could be further from the truth, and Romney knows this full well! What Obama did was to allow several states, AT THEIR REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS’ REQUESTS, to seek waivers from certain welfare rules, PROVIDED THESE STATES COULD FIRST PROPOSE PLANS BY WHICH THEY COULD INCREASE EMPLOYMENT WITHIN THEIR  BORDERS BY AS MUCH AS 20%!

2). President Obama’s Affordable Care Act takes $716 BILLION out of Medicare BENEFITS. ANOTHER detestable LIE which both candidates keep repeating over and over! Obama has simply reduced, over a 10 year period, what the government will pay to PROVIDERS. Medicare’s RECIPIENTS are largely UBAFFECTED by these cuts. Romney and Ruin are simply trying to scare the elderly and those on disability into believing that Obama is cutting their benefits, and it’s a damned LIE! What the Republican team DOESN’T tell you is that the Ryan budget, which was passed by the far-right Republican House, contains many of the same cuts – although, in  that ridiculous budget, the cuts are primarily aimed AT RECIPIENTS RATHER THAN PROVIDERS!           

3). Romney claims that Obama has “taken federal dollars [$90 billion], your money, to invest in solar compamies and wind companies…in so-called green jobs.” This, too, is a pathetic and misleading LIE, in that the overwhelming majority of that $90 billion was appropriated by President George W. BUSH BEFORE Obama even took office! All Romney is trying to do with this lie is to portray Obama as one who is wasting money on solar and wind energy and neglecting fossil fuels like the already overly-subsidized oil industry!

4). Romney claims that he left Bain Capital in February, 1999 to go “rescue the Olympics” and had little or no say in the day-to-day operations of that company after then,especially during the time in the early 2000s when Bain was heavily involved in outsourcing American jobs. Yet the fact of the matter is that Romney was listed as the “sole shareholder, chairman of the board, chief executive officer, and president” in legal filings that were made for both the state of Massachusetts and the Securities and Exchange Commission, PLUS he even CONTINUED TO RECEIVE A SALARY FROM BAIN UNTIL 2002!

5).  Paul RUIN has been slamming the President for cuts made in defense spending. Yet what makes this a hypocritical lie is that he himself voted FOR the Budget Control Act, which calls for automatic cuts in defense spending as well as other domestic programs. Now this hypocritical little rookie opportunist is out campaigning for his master’s proposed millitary spending INCREASE! 

6).  Recently, after the President told a group of voters that small businesses didn’t come into being simply because of individual initiative, Romney and nearly the entire Republican establishment jumped on his comments to distort them into an anti-business remark, which they certainly were NOT. Obama simply wanted to point out, CORRECTLY, that businesses are created TOGETHER with government help, as they depend on government built freeway systems, public schools, and the U.S. Mail, among many other government-run facilities, for what they need to come into being and maintain themselves. After all, NO man, and NO business, is an island! 

7.). Ryan has called the $787 billion 2009 Stimulus Bill a “failure” (which it WASN’T) and a “wasteful spending spree”. Yet HE VOTED FOR THE BILL and REPEATEDLY ASKED FOR STIMULUS MONEY FOR HIS DISTRICT!  Another lying hypocritical stance from Paul RUIN!

8). Romney claims that Obama is suing to prevent members of the military from voting early in the state of Ohio. This is patently absurd, since Obama filed a lawsuit to ensure that ALL Ohioans, INCLUDING those in the military, would have early voting rights over the last full weekend prior to the election!

9). Paul RUIN has repeatedly described himself as a fiscal conservative and, paradoxically, a devotee of the teachings of the notorious anti-government, libertarian hypocrite, Ayn Rand. Yet, he has been employed by government for the vast majority of his adult working life, went to school on funds provided his family by Social Security as part of its survivors’ benefits following his father’s death, and has repeatedly voted in favor of large, UNFUNDED government expenditures like the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, the Bush Medicare Prescription plan, BOTH of Bush’s ridiculous tax cuts for the rich, and, to his credit, the auto bailouts and the 2009 Stimulus Plan, which he now hypocritically denounces. Thus, his claim to be a fiscal conservative is a deceptive LIE! He is, though, an extremist SOCIAL conservative, who would set back women’s rights 100 years!

10). Romney has repeatedly claimed that, “unlike President Obama, I will not raise taxes on the middle class.” What makes this a LIE is that Obama has NOT, and will NOT, raise taxes on the middle class (unless Romney believes that the middle class includes those making more than $250,000 per year, which it most certainly does NOT)!


In his keynote, “tough love” speech last Tuesday at the Republican National Convention, New Jersey governor Chris Christie told us that both Romney and his running mate will tell us “the hard truths we need to hear…” Both could begin right NOW by STOPPING THEIR INCESSANT LYING IMMEDIATELY!

I’ll inevitably be back on or about September 30 with more lies from Romney and his camp, as they are relentlessly unending…

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