January 22, 2012  By Jack Jodell

I will begin this segment with a portrayal of some of the classic Tea Party originators and adherents, to pass on for future unbelieving ages just how hatefully ignorant and anti-democracy some of the people are, and why they are a complete aberration in American politics.

Tea Party co-founder DICK ARMEY is a perfect example. A one time House Majority Leader who enthusiastically believed in and preached the archaic modern Republican beliefs of deregulation, low taxes on the wealthy, small government, and disdain for the poor, this greedy man left Congress to pursue a lucrative career in political fundraising and lobbying. Always far-right, he helped launch, and would funnel millions of dollars into, the massive anti-health care campaign which spawned the Tea Party back in 2009. He and his cohorts set up networks of rabid far-right creeps to bus into and disrupt targeted Democratic representatives’ town hall meetings that summer. They saw to it that these kooks were provided not only transportation, but also talking points with which to shout down these representatives. They were successful in riling up a huge cadre of fearful elderly. low-information voters and turned them (plus many other sullen misfits) into an angry and militant voting block that eventually took over the Republican Party and which ousted the Democrats from their brief four year control of the House in 2010. Along the way, they skillfully disseminated disinformation and found an all-too-eager reactionary Fox “News” ready to fan the flames of their wholly-manufactured discontent with the President’s health care plan. Fox irresponsibly declared this a grassroots movement and spread these fanatics’ passion like wildfire. Before long, copycat Tea Party groups were springing up nationwide. Armey and his group of lying scoundrels had not only achieved Republican House control, but had parlayed their success into a large GOP election sweep all throughout the off-year elections. With so many statehouses now under Republican control, a massive gerrymandering effort was hurriedly implemented which will ensure heightened (and not necessarily truly representative) GOP control for many years to come. 

Armey has shown himself to be especially self-centered and vile. He not only recently received an astounding $8 MILLION payoff from the Tea Party to not go through with a purported hostile personal takeover of them, but was also condescending, rude, and sexist toward columnist Joan Walsh in a 2009 shared interview on Hardball with Chris Matthews. Armey at one point accused Ms. Walsh of “talking like a paid political hack” and also derisively dismissed her by saying “I’m so damn glad you can never be my wife because I surely wouldn’t have to listen to that prattle from you every day.” I was shocked at his obvious contempt for Ms. Walsh, and the vitriolic nature of his comment has stayed with me years later. My only other thought (then and now) was: poor MRS. Armey!

Minnesota Congressperson MICHELE BACHMANN was quick to latch onto the Tea Party for personal political benefit.  She tried to use it to propel herself into the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, but mercifully for the world,however, voters rejected her bid. She is Tea Party through and through, though, as she has repeatedly pushed to repeal not only the Affordable Care Act, but also favors abolishing the minimum wage!

Newly-elected Texas Senator TED CRUZ is another one of these Tea Party kooks. As a veteran attorney, though, he should know better. This insensitive man is also  a rabid NRA defender. He has even gone so far as to accuse President Obama of using the recent terrible Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings  for partisan political advantage. It was obvious to all but these crazed Tea Party fanatics that the President’s recent remarks to the grieving parents and friends of those victims of this murderous attack were heartfelt and genuine. Only overly-gerrymandered Texas could produce such a cruel and unfeeling man and send him to the U.S. Senate!

Current Kentucky Senator RAND PAUL, also the beneficiary of recent Republican gerrymandering efforts, has already established himself as a leading wacko Tea Party supporter. This outspoken fool has already stated he would not have voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as he believes it gave the federal government too much regulatory power. He has also called for every proposed bill to be first determined to be constitutional prior to its being passed.           

Former Alaska half-term governor SARAH PALIN is the epitome of a Tea Party member: oh so ignorant; oh so woefully lacking in knowledge about current events, geography, history, or science; oh so self-centered; and oh so opportunistic. Since her debacle as a vice presidential candidate in 2008, she has been on a tear making as much money as she can possibly stuff into her purse and pretending to have something of any value to say whatsoever with her appearances on Fox “News”. 

Former South Carolina Representative, then Senator JIM DE MINT left Congress a few months ago to make big bucks for himself as a leader and lobbyist for a conservative think tank.  His time in the House and the Senate was unremarkable in that he constantly voted far-right and never sponsored a single major piece of legislation the entire time he was in office. What DeMint excelled in, though, was rabble-rousing and pushing his colleagues ever rightward. He publicly supported the Tea Party from its very earliest days and funneled a lot of money into the campaigns of other Tea Partiers, always positioning himself as a fringe force. Like Sarah Palin, he left office prematurely in search of personal wealth. I would term him a fringe FARCE. 

Former Tea Party Express chairman MARK WILLIAMS is a good example of Tea Party ignorant racism. As a far-right California radio shock jock, he referred to the President as “an Indonesian Muslim turned welfare thug.” He also said that Muslims worship a “terrorist Monkey God.” Now who could possibly be doing his fact-checking for him?

Fabulously wealthy DAVID KOCH of the notorious Koch brothers, and founder of the far-right, anti-tax, anti-regulation Americans for Prosperity lobbying group, has very close ties to the Tea Party even as he denies any personal involvement with them. He has spent millions to defeat Democratic candidates over the years, and has supported many anti-Obama administration initiatives.

These are but a few of the vast numbers of politicians, public figures, and/or businesspersons who have strongly supported the Tea Party since its inception in 2009. I would trust NONE of them to educate or coach your young children. NONE OF THEM ARE LIKE YOU. NONE OF THESE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN ACTING IN YOUR BEST INTEREST, AND NONE SHOULD THEREFORE BE ON, OR BE ABLE TO INFLUENCE, THE PUBLIC PAYROLL!

Coming next: my parting thoughts on this wretched Tea Party, and why its attempt to rule this country must NEVER be realized!    

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January 16, 2013  By Jack Jodell

reactionary adj. : of, pertaining to, or marked by, or favoring reaction, especially extreme conservatism or rightism in politics; opposing political or social change.

The abovementioned adjective, reactionary, is the perfect word to describe the backward-looking, government-hating movement called the Tea Party, which now infests the Republican Party like a voracious group of dangerous  termites. As with Puritans and Salem Witch-hunters of a bygone era, it has proven itself to be ruthlessly unyielding and malevolent in nature. It wishes to impose its will on the country by means of overthrowing long-existing government norms like compromise and common consensus through the  replacement of existing moderate government officials with its own narrow-minded zealots. It seeks to achieve this government takeover by flooding oft-poorly attended off-year party primaries with its own members and uprooting any and all potential opponents. Like a group of ferocious political killer bees, it wantonly destroys any moderate Republican in its path. It relies on stealth and disinformation, and practices the shouting down of opposing viewpoints so that no real debate or discussion can occur. As such, it is decidedly anti-democracy and therefore should have no place whatsoever in contemporary American politics! 

The very name of the Tea Party is a dishonest misnomer to begin with. Its adherents cling lovingly to the anti-tax sentiments expressed during the Boston Tea Party of 1773, when American colonists living under British rule dumped three boatloads of tea into Boston Harbor in protest of a newly-enacted tax which Parliament had imposed on them targeting that popular drink. It was imposed because the colonists had absolutely no say in the matter. It was taxation without representation, a situation which definitely does NOT exist today. These days, as has been done ever since the earliest days of our country, Congress levies taxes and it is our elected representatives who are the ones doing this levying. Angry Tea Partiers, many of whom hate taxation and who are wedded to the idea that the United States must be a nation of very small government with as little scope and power as possible. Of course, those of us who live in the real world know how ridiculous and impractical that notion is. After all, how can a global American empire be maintained on a small budget? How can we protect our business interests abroad without a strong and battle-ready military? How are we to maintain and build roads, fix or construct bridges, or uniformly educate our people without a large, strong government in place to do so? Who would repair devastated cities in times of  great national and natural  disasters like Hurricane Sandy? Who would protect citizens from outside invasion, or who would ensure that the barest minimum of necessary human needs like adequate food and shelter would be in place for every citizen? The answer is obvious to all but the most blindly naïve and stubborn Tea Party member. Only a strong, well-funded federal government can provide these absolutely necessary services for its citizens. And this type of providing cannot be done on the type of austere budget the Tea Party is advocating.

Not only that, but the Tea Party (through its sullen opposition to taxes) conveniently forgets (or outright ignores) the FACT that it was Founding Fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson who initially took strong PRO-TAX stances. Washington put down an early 1794 Pennsylvania protest against a Whiskey tax using military force, and Jefferson voiced strong support for a progressive tax system in a letter he wrote to James Madison in 1785, wherein he stated, “Another means of silently lessening the inequality of property is to exempt all from taxation below a certain point, and to tax the higher portions of property in geometrical progression as they
rise.” Take THAT, Grover Norquist! In their zeal to oppose taxation, modern Tea Partiers entirely miss the point that taxation is a necessary and vital function of our government, and fail to notice that American citizens all across the income scale are taxed far less than are the citizens of almost all other developed countries!    

The government-hating Tea Party suffers greatly from a fundamentally flawed rationale. They claim to hate autocratic government, but, if allowed to attain total power, that is exactly what they would inflict on the entire country. They are far too intolerant on both social and cultural issues. They view compromise as surrender, which it certainly is NOT. After all, the very Constitution they supposedly revere so much came about entirely due to a series of compromises among its framers, and it has more than stood the test of time! Many of them appear to be woefully ignorant about current events and important lessons we have learned from history. They are also far too absolutist and unyielding in both attitude and behavior. For example, just before the last election, Tea Party elements in Chaska, MN (an exurb of supposedly tolerant and liberal Minneapolis) actually refused to participate in a candidates’ forum sponsored by their local League of Women Voters chapter. They claimed that the League was a leftist organization and they would only participate in a forum sponsored by the Tea Party. Really! ANYBODY in their right mind knows that the League of Women Voters is totally nonpartisan and hardly a “leftist” organization! This Tea Party militant and hostile demeanor simply does not  square well with traditional American mores and values. Tea Party members harass public officials at Town Hall meetings and sometimes even beat up political opponents. Such displays resemble early Nazi Brown Shirt methodology more than they do American  democratic traditions, and they are very unhealthy. For these Tea Partiers call themselves conservatives, but they are, in reality, actually dangerous ideological bullies and radical, extremist reactionaries. They are not at all like you or I, and are wholly unfit for governance at any level. It is time that we permanently end their scourge, and throw them overboard and off of our current ship of state!

In my next segment, I will identify some of the more prominent members of this wretched movement and will demonstrate why none of them deserve to be on the public payroll.                                       

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January 10, 2013  By Jack Jodell

My friends, the title says it all: I HATE FACEBOOK!!!! Years ago, I made the mistake of signing onto it, and it has plagued me ever since. It is a rare day that I do not receive one or more email message notifications, or birthday reminders about my friends and/or relatives, or friend requests, or inquiries on whether or not I know specific people.



I may have posted a photo of myself and a brief summary when I first joined – I don’t recall, because I have avoided revisiting that site for many years due to the nonstop hounding I received from them right after I had joined. It’s been so long now, I don’t even remember the password I used to gain entrance.

I found very early on that the overwhelming majority of “friend requests” I was receiving came from people I didn’t know, had never worked with or interacted with in any way, and had never heard of before.


Just so you are aware: I am not unkind, conceited, standoffish, stuck on myself, or wish to live like a hermit in a secluded cave. I have a great number of loyal friends, am involved in a number of different rewarding activities, and am certainly not wanting for something to occupy my time. Unlike some of those who appear to be literally (and unhealthily)  addicted to Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media, I DO have a life of my own I am happy with and receive all the information and enjoyment I can handle from others in the blogosphere, and by profuse reading on the internet. I simply do NOT need an aggravation like Facebook, so I refuse to go there any longer!

I am well aware of the fact that Facebook has drawn many peoples of the world together and has exerted many positive influences globally, among which have been the Arab Spring and the #Occupy movements, as well as the spread of a large amount of vitally important news which has been altogether ignored by the corporate owned and dominated mainstream media. I am delighted at the number of political chat rooms which have sprung up on Facebook. I simply choose to not take part in them, as I vastly prefer to communicate using this and other blog sites instead.

So please don’t be offended if your request to be my “friend” on Facebook goes completely ignored and is not responded to. Despite their having been the rage in the mid to late 1970s, I never ever owned or used a CB radio, either, and I have done just fine without one of them as well. 

My hope is that someday, eventually, my inbox will be completely clear of all Facebook notices!             

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January 4, 3013  By Jack Jodell

What an eventful week it has been! First, the Tea Party-infested reactionary Republicans were unable to drive us off the fiscal cliff. The Senate overwhelmingly passed a measure which prevented taxes from going up drastically on the vast majority of citizens by a whoppingly uneven bipartisan vote, and the House followed suit, although by a lesser margin. It was signed into law by the President on January 2. This meant, of course, that for the first time  in over 20 years, the hated Bush tax cuts for the  rich had been partially done away with, and the GOP played a decisive part in actually increasing taxes on the wealthy – Grover Norquist be damned! It was a tremendous victory for President Obama and the Democrats. However, it was far from perfect. Obama had to scale back his request for tax hikes on the rich from his initial starting point of $250,000 per year to a higher $400,000 per year ($450,000 for couples filing jointly). Still, the rich WILL be paying higher taxes starting immediately. 

John Boehner, the biggest drunk on the Hill and the worst, most ineffectual Speaker of the House in perhaps this nation’s entire history, was totally marginalized and looked miserable and completely helpless. So very afraid of the government-hating Tea Party faction of his wretched party, he was obviously trying to not anger them too much out of  fear that he would lose his Speakership due to them in a few days. At one point, he even came up to Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and hatefully said to him, “Go F*ck yourself!” Hardly the type of demeanor one would expect from the Speaker of the House! Of course, what else could we expect from him? I say, “Go F*ck YOURself, Boehner, you pathetically  inept little boy!” To Boehner’s credit, though, he did vote in favor of the measure, even as his Majority Leader Eric Cantor  and his Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy voted against it. Such treachery is becoming standard operating procedure every day among this hopelessly fractured party.

Upon completing this vote, Boehner promptly called for the adjournment of the House, completely ignoring his prior pledge to the governors of the states which suffered severe damage from Hurricane Sandy that the House would vote on and then appropriate the very necessary Federal damage relief funds they needed immediately. Republican New Jersey governor Chris Christie was understandably furious at this betrayal and tried unsuccessfully FOUR times to reach Boehner by phone.  He was told each time by a Boehner spokesman that the Speaker was unable to take his call. The next day, Christie deservedly lambasted both Boehner and his Tea Party-infested House majority for  this unforgivable neglect. A very angry Republican New York Representative Peter King also strongly voiced his outrage and even urged regular contributors to NOT donate to this year’s Republican congressional campaign fund! Boehner ignored them and simply put out a statement which said that he would no longer meet with President Obama on any further budget talks – an utterly unprecedented dereliction of duty by a very small, cowardly man who is apparently in way over his head! 

This Republican Civil War is on full blast, folks. The narrow-minded, debt-obsessed, government-hating reactionary Tea Party faction is paralyzing and destroying the party altogether. With the debt ceiling and budget debates looming menacingly ahead, this spells bad things in store for not only the Republican Party, but also our nation and the entire global economy as well. People, hold on for what will be a wild ride over the next two months. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!                        

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2012 in review

January 1, 2013  By Jack Jodell

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODY! Below is a summary of what my blog did in 2012 which was provided me by WordPress.com. It shows wider and growing readership in 2012 than in the previous year. (FYI: by gliding your cursor over each of the countries shown on the globe below, you will see how many visits this blog has had from each particular country). I am very grateful to all of you, my readers, for having taken the time to follow this blog, which has always been a part-time, yet steady effort for me. I wish I could meet every one of you face to face! Thank you for your continued readership. I will strive to once more make it worthy of your visits mow in 2013. To all the many progressive-minded friends I have made over the past 3 1/2 years, I urge you to keep marching, ever forward! Thank you, everyone!    

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 28,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 6 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

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December 29, 2012  By Jack Jodell

As I begin this post, the country remains in a tight political gridlock and apparently will plunge headlong over a somber fiscal cliff. Tea Party-infested reactionary Republicans absolutely refuse to raise anybody’s taxes, especially those of the wealthy, and demand that the Democratic Party drastically slash federal spending. Of course, it doesn’t matter to them that the Democrats have scaled back the federal government numerous times since 2009 – these extremist Republicans want it to be shrunk even further! Yes, they simply will not be happy until the social safety net has been shredded and wholly discarded for good. Funny, isn’t it? These authoritarian far-right types hate government regulation and proudly display their “Don’t tread on me” flags, yet they don’t hesitate to tread on everybody else by advocating the imposition of a harsh Puritan-style austerity budget on the country without any regard for the devastation it will wreak on the unemployed, the poor, and/or the elderly. Having obviously ignored the results of what the MAJORITY of voters expressed in our latest, just-held election, this GOP “my way or the highway” approach to vitally important political matters is growing very tiresome! You and I, along with millions of other voters, have just about had our fill of it. This Republican self-righteous posturing and phony grandstanding about the national debt (i.e. “fiscal responsibility”) is preposterous. After all, where were all these strident voices a mere decade ago, when a horribly irresponsible Republican President named George W. Bush had a thoroughly Republican Congress act as his personal rubber stamp to approve two massive and unneeded tax cuts for the very wealthy, and who also launched  two very costly, unpaid-for foreign wars? Where were they when Bush’s sidekick, DICK Cheney, arrogantly spouted off that “deficits don’t matter”? Where was their supposed concern for the economic well-being of future generations then? Also, where are they NOW, as they unhesitatingly use and abuse every day business tax write-offs like the multiple martini lunch? These very same hypocrites pushed for the export of good-paying American jobs to much cheaper foreign slave-labor markets, both depressing our domestic standard of living and raising our trade deficit in the process. Those were hardly what one could accurately describe as being “fiscally responsible” actions! Not only that, but the Republican over-reliance on stalling, outright obstruction, and constant filibustering  is the grossest insult of all time to we taxpayers: we have been annually paying every single Republican Representative and Senator $174,500 EACH to do absolutely NOTHING! Nice work for those who can get it; but hardly “fiscally responsible” or good for our country as a whole! Sane individuals would correctly call this an indefensible waste of money; I don’t know, or even care, as to how these Republican extremists would characterize it….

There is some (albeit limited) evidence that the public is slowly becoming fed-up with the Tea Party-infested Republicans’ beliefs and methods. The GOP was deservedly drubbed in the November 6 elections, despite being infused with a record amount of far-right, corporate dollars and having successfully and ridiculously gerrymandered a huge number of legislative districts nationwide in their favor. Their ultimate plutocratic standard bearers, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, were rejected, as were far, far-right kooks like Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, Josh Mandel, Joe Walsh, and Allen West. Absolute extremist clowns like Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, and Nut Gingrich didn’t last beyond the early rounds of their primaries. The drive for gay marriage rights scored impressive gains, as did the drive to legalize medical marijuana. Most important of all was the public’s approval of higher taxes for the very rich, which was quite pronounced and noteworthy. Women and Hispanics abandoned the GOP in droves, deservedly due to the reactionary and insensitive positions the Republicans had taken toward them. This gave sane-minded progressives and moderates a glimmer of hope toward the future. For it became very clear that the electorate has shifted its attitude on key former wedge issues, while the GOP has remained steadfast in its now rigidly outdated authoritarian stances on social issues.

On the downside, though, was a marked increase in mass murder and gun violence. 20 innocent 6 and 7 year old angels  were viciously gunned down at their Sandy Hook elementary school, as were 2 innocent firefighters attempting to put out a murderous arsonist’s deliberately-set fire, all just before Christmas and all by madmen wielding semi-automatic military-style weapons with unnecessarily large magazines. These victims joined  six worshippers at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin and others at a midsummer movie theater earlier this year in Colorado. More than 100 individuals have been needlessly killed across the nation, many by legally-owned semi-automatic weapons, just since the aforementioned December 14 Sandy Hook killings of those 6 and 7 year-olds! That is NOT something we Americans should take pride in!

According to a recent article in Mother Jones, since 1982, there have been at least 62 MASS MURDERS involving firearms , encompassing 30 DIFFERENT STATES! In that same period, literally tens of thousands of additional individual murders arising from handgun use have occurred. The overwhelmingly dominant lobbying group the National Rifle Association (NRA) has all but bought out Congress and has prevented nearly all attempts thus far to put any restrictions whatsoever  on the private ownership of military style semi-automatic weapons with large magazines. It is nothing less than barbarism for us to allow this to continue!

The United States comprises a mere 5% of the world’s population, yet we own fully 50% of the world’s guns! Is this the sign of a responsible, well-adjusted, respectful, civilized people, or does it mean we are a nation of paranoid, irrational, impatient, immature fools with itchy trigger fingers?

The time is NOW for us to end this crazed obsession with  gun ownership and to join the rest of the civilized world in banning the private ownership of  military style assault weapons with large magazines! Republicans, if you are truly as “pro-life” as you claim to be, it is definitely high time you stopped blocking this anti-assault weapon legislation! It is also vitally important that you stop coddling the already far-too-coddled idle rich with tax policies which favor them at the expense of all below them on the income scale! It is time for you reactionaries to wake up and quit trying to destroy workers’ rights in this country, and begin to help build a true ECONOMIC democracy for all  in the United States, and globally as well! Prepare yourselves for the inevitable, reactionary Republicans: you are most definitely on the wrong side of history these days! We progressives are bound-determined to bring you into a fairer and much saner 21st century, no matter HOW much kicking and screaming you may do!                                

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December 24, 2012  By Jack Jodell

Merry Christmas, everyone. We learned recently of some innocent young angels being brutally gunned down while attending school in normally peaceful Newtown, Connecticut, USA. As the gunman ended up taking his own life, we will never know the reason he did such a cruel and insane act for which there can be no justification whatsoever.

These children were unnecessary victims. So were the adults that were also killed there. Each went to school that fateful morning no doubt full of wonderment, excitement, and hope in anticipation of the upcoming Christmas season. Instead, they met pain and a grisly death at the hands of a deranged misfit lunatic. Now their parents, relatives, friends, and the general public as well must spend part of what is normally the most joyful time of the year in utter grief,  shock, and horror. We are all left with a sense of unjustified, needless, empty unfulfillment  for these lives whose hopes and dreams and ultimate potential will now never be realized, All because military style semi-automatic assault weapons were too readily available for one very troubled, hateful young man, who chose to use them for purposes of mass murder instead of legitimate self defense. It is a real shame.

This young man supposedly shot his mother dead, then took her car over to the school and committed the other terrible murders. Each of his victims were shot at least twice; some as many as 7 times! The guns he used were supposedly registered in his mother’s name. She is reported to have been a very kind and loving lady who was an enthusiastic supporter of everybody’s right to bear arms. What, pray tell, made her feel it was necessary for her, a private citizen, to own military style semi-automatic weapons? Why does ANYBODY outside of the police or the military need such weapons in their personal collection? This is clearly not a justified case of a person’s right to bear arms. Were it so with these types of weapons, then the personal ownership of nuclear missiles for self defense should also be allowed, and NOBODY is crazy enough to suggest that

Ours is undeniably a culture of violence. We are a gun-crazed, gun-happy people. Our media glorifies guns, violence, and bloodshed. It portrays the killing of others almost as if it was just a simple thrill ,rather than the actual horror it can be, and was in this case.


As you enjoy this holiday season, please remember these poor young victims of cruel insanity. Also pray for the grieving survivors who knew them. Then be sure to hug and tell your own children how much you love them and how much they mean to you. For,  just as the unfortunate parents of the Newtown victims found, they could unjustly be taken from you, without even a moment’s notice, by the actions of a cruel madman! Then please pray that our President, Congress, and yes, even overly-paranoid NRA members, will ALL come to their senses to mold legislation which will keep guns out of the wrong hands, and will ban the private ownership of military style semi-automatic assault weapons.  Better yet, call or write your individual Representatives and Senators and DEMAND that you want this done IMMEDIATELY. It could very well prevent tragedies like this from ever happening again! Thank you.

Merry Christmas, everyone. To the innocent Newtown, Connecticut shooting victims: may you sleep in heavenly peace. PEACE. 

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