Sept. 1, 2014  By Jack Jodell (in association with Fair and Unbalanced.com)  

Happy Labor Day, workers of America! As we celebrate your many fine accomplishments over the years, let us be ever aware of how the wealthiest 1% in this country, those who actually produce very little by themselves but are quick to grab huge profits for themselves from all  YOU produce for them, are ripping you off by underpaying you and/or shipping your jobs overseas to cheap slave wage markets. Keep in mind, too, all the bought-out corporate shills who habitually vote against YOUR interests to ensure that these greedy 1%-ers can make as much money as they can while leaving you far behind, eating their dust.  Sounds pretty gloomy, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be! By totally ignoring all the lying, slickly-produced corporate ads this upcoming election season designed to brainwash or confuse voters into voting for the same deluded corporate stooges who currently inhabit much of Congress, and by voting instead for fair-minded, PROGRESSIVE candidates who aim to vote for pro-worker policies, we can and MUST clear out all the corporate sludge that we can! If you are in favor of slowing or even reversing our 30+ year record of increasing wealth disparity, only a progressive candidate dedicated to economic justice will do the job! That, of course, completely EXCLUDES all Republican officeholders, and a large number of existing Democratic ones as well!

burr demingThis being Monday, it is time once again for another brilliant podcast from my friend Burr Deming, the creator and chief author of the fabulous blog site Fair and Unbalanced.com (see my nlogroll at lower right).  Today, the ever-thoughtful Mr. Deming points out how recent statements by Republican Texas governor Rick Perry are rash and not well thought out. He contrasts the style of Perry with that of a great  thinker who was also the governor of a large population state, the late Adlai Stevenson of Illinois. Somebody ought to remind that tough-talking Texas blowhard Perry  that “only ants and savages kill strangers,”

In Burr’s own words:        “Fast decisions with little information, without thinking for more than a fraction of a moment, may have kept our most vulnerable ancestors alive. Our modern term for the process is ‘common sense.’

The ability to think things through took us beyond immediate survival to a greater measure of security. Every major advance in human development, from technology to military defense to law, came from analysis. So did much of spirituality. Our relationship to each other could finally transcend personal survival.

Analysis when things don’t yet matter is what prevents paralysis when they do. It allows for rapid response that is thought out. It often allows for intelligent, realistic, compassion.

When ‘common sense’ leads to suspicion, fear, and unfounded accusation, it can bring us to the invasion of wrong countries with loss of life and tragic unanticipated danger. When it diminishes compassion, even for frightened children, it endangers the national soul.”

Click on the link below to hear this latest presentation. ENJOY!


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Aug. 28, 2014  By Jack Jodell.

hartmann rI have long listed Truthout.org in my blogroll at bottom right, and I hope many of you have taken the time to visit there. Did you know, though, that you can read an entire Thom Hartmann book there for FREE? It’s true, my friends, and what a fabulous book it is! It’s called Rebooting the American Dream, and I recommend it to you very highly! Just look at these chapters: 

Thom Hartmann: Rebooting the American Dream

Rebooting The American Dream

Introduction: Back to the Future

Chapter One: Bring My Job Home! 

Chapter Two: Roll Back the Reagan Tax Cuts

Chapter Three: Stop Them From Eating My Town

Chapter Four: An Informed and Educated Electorate

Chapter Five: Medicare “Part E”- for Everybody

Chapter Six: Make Members of Congress Wear NASCAR Patches

Chapter Seven: Cool Our Fever

Chapter Eight: They Will Steal It!

Chapter Nine: Put Lou Dobbs Out to Pasture

Chapter Ten: Wal-Mart Is Not a Person

Chapter Eleven: In the Shadow of the Dragon

Conclusion: Tag, You’re It! 

This is VERY thought-provoking, factual, and vital reading from American’s leading pragmatic and progressive talk radio show host. You can also see him daily on FREE SPEECH TV.


GREEDY CORPORATE TAX INVERSION BULLETIN!!!!! It appears that another major American corporation has failed to learn from Walgreens Drug Stores’ recent negative experience regarding moving its corporate headquarters to another country to avoid paying taxes here in this country – this time, the piggish tax-avoiders are BURGER KING. Please click on the link below to see the details,  Burger King, like Walgreens before it (and many others as well) MUST be held accountable for its greed by US, the American consumer and taxpayer!


I thank Wane Johnson of Minds and Times of F. Wayne Johnson (see Blogroll at right) for providing this vital information, and I ask you to join us and BOYCOTT BURGER KING!!!!!!!  

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Aug.25, 2014  By Jack Jodell (in association with Fair and Unbalanced.com).    

Greetings, fellow progressives! As we start this new week, I present this new podcast by Burr Deming, podcaster extraordinaire who is also the creator and chief author of thousands of thought-provoking, intuitive posts over at the superb site called Fair and Unbalanced.com. Burr is recovering from cataract surgery to both eyes, and we wish him the very best and speediest recovery. Meanwhile, though, you can find a huge archive of his fabulous work by visiting his blogsite found in the link below.

burr demingRegarding this latest podcast, Burr presents an incredibly thoughtful and reasoned analysis of what recently occurred in Ferguson, MO. This, of course, is quite typical of the thoughtful, well-reasoned man known as Burr Deming.  In Burr’s own words: “Three decades ago, a young man in Baltimore did not deserve to be shot. He did not deserve a life of partial paralysis, The officer who did not deserve the public censure that became a permanent part of his life.  

That case provides lessons we may want to apply to a shooting death, and subsequent police overreaction in Ferguson, Missouri. Justice is needed.   We need to think through what is needed for justice.”

 To hear this, please click on http://fairandunbalanced.com/blog1.php/2014/08/18/death-protest-and-guilt-in-ferguson 

BONUS!!! Today we have TWO Burr Deming podcasts to enjoy! This second one is entitled “Cowardly College of Containment.” For this one, Burr states:

burr deming“Long before he became President, Senator Richard Nixon went after Democrats. Each was a Quisling, ‘holding a Ph.D from Dean Acheson’s Cowardly College of Communist Containment.’

The cowardly containment rhetoric was more than bluster. It was a clarion call to true believers. We were at war, and there ought to be no limits. Conservatives were angry beyond words at the rejection of emotional impulse. The substitution of thoughtful strategy was infuriating.

Turning away from intellect during crisis is a predictable emotional response. But acting on rage can have unintended results.

Similarities of conservatives back then to conservatives today are striking. Containment, and the reactions to containment, are nacl.”

Amazingly true! To hear this brilliant podcast, click on this link below. Enjoy! 


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Aug. 21, 2014  By Jack Jodell.

I read recently at The Intercept.org, an incredible site put out  by First Look Media (https://firstlook.org/) about how our government has a watchlist of 680.000 people who are “known or suspected terrorists.” The piece, written by Jeremy Scahill and Ryan Devereaux, points out that this government  Terrorist Screening Database (widely shared with local law enforcement agencies, foreign governments, and even private contractors) contains a whopping 280,000 persons who, according to the federal government, have “no recognized terrorist group affiliation.” The article points out how this huge number is far larger than the number of watchlisted persons suspected of having ties to al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah combined! It further reveals how the Obama administration has boosted the number of people on its “no fly list” tenfold! That number, which contains the names of people who are barred from boarding an airplane in this country, now stands at an astounding 47,000! God help you if your name should ever appear on that list – instead of flying to your far-off destination, you’ll be taking a train, busing it, or hoofing it instead!

Keep in mind, readers, that I am NOT a terrorist, nor do I wish to make light of all the damage terrorists have done from the time of the very first ambush to the horrible 9/11 attacks in 2001 through our recent drone strikes in Pakistan and Afghanistan. I cannot support terrorism in any form, no matter what the reason, for it always involves the murder of innocents as well as those whom one side or another claims is guilty of something. It is a mindless act of murderous vengeance which never solves anything. Rather, it inevitably leads to future acts of senseless violence. Its perpetrators are  cowards, who sit safely by and watch as their smart-weapons or hired mercenaries do their bidding for them. In the end, nobody wins, and all that remains are corpses or needlessly  crippled victims, whose lives have been unjustly altered forever. It is sheer INSANITY.  

Likewise, while I DO believe in the practice of true self-defense,  I am thoroughly opposed to preventative military strikes, and am STRONGLY opposed to overreaction on the part of paranoid government officials whose aim is always to shoot first no matter what and ask questions a long time afterward.  This type of paranoid, half-cocked behavior led DICK Cheney and his cohorts in the George W. Bush administration to illegally invade, occupy, and plunder Iraq, a bloody misadventure which cost this country billions of dollars and led to the passage of freedom-robbing bills like the notorious Patriot Act and the adoption of anti-freedom practices like the wiretapping of every single phone call made from or received in this country. as well as to the storing of every single email sent into or out of this country. In the name of “preserving and defending liberty” (what a twisted, cruel joke!), our National Security Agency zealots have even taken it upon themselves to read the private emails of foreign leaders, even those of our allies. It is a very frightening thought to realize that NOBODY in the entire world has any privacy anymore! The next time you attend a major sporting event and find yourself having to empty your pockets, open your purse, and then pass through a metal detector, think of war criminal DICK Cheney and the paranoid, overly zealous neocon types over at the NSA. Our Founding Fathers, plus Abraham Lincoln, all of whom were true great lovers of liberty, are surely spinning in their graves at these menacing developments that have become hallmarks of overreaction since 9/11. Where and when will all of this absurdity end?

This very unhealthy level of paranoia is becoming dangerously pervasive, and it MUST STOP! Police forces across the country, even in small towns like Ferguson, MO., are loading themselves up with fully UNNEEDED paramilitary equipment, and are starting to use it on their fellow citizens (whom they are supposedly there to serve) at the slightest provocation.  The recent fatal shooting of an unarmed young black man with no police record tragically proves this beyond all doubt. Furthermore, their harassment of the press is completely uncalled for and is downright undemocratic as well! VERY regrettably, this thug-like, arrogant behavior is almost starting to become a new normal. Police are going way overboard as a direct result of this ludicrous new anti-terrorism crusade our nation is now adopting!

Several important questions need to be answered here: why in hell are so many police shooting victims unarmed, young,  and black, or of Hispanic origin? Why in hell are so many law enforcement departments buying surplus automatic and semi-automatic assault weapons, and even TANKS? Finally, why the hell is the National Rifle Association (the NRA), after all the shootings and mass murders using semi-automatic assault weapons we have seen in the past few years, still exhorting all citizens to oppose all limitations on ANY form of firearm and own a gun?                                                   

The Intercept.org article quotes former senior FBI agent David Gomez as saying, “If everything is terrorism, then nothing is terrorism.” This blogger is one lover of liberty who  completely agrees.  We saw how harmful and preposterous our seeing a “Communist under every bed” was in the McCarthy era witchhunts of the early 1950s. Vigilance should never become oppression! We must not ourselves become the enemy we wish to vanquish.  So too, must we now see how foolish and freedom-destroying our present-day, overreactive  “seeing a terrorist under every bed” is becoming in 2014!                   

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Aug. 18, 2014  By Jack Jodell (in association with Dair and Unbalanced.com)

Happy Monday, my friends. Here below is the latest excellent effort from that podcaster extraordinaire, Mr. Burr Deming, who is also the creator and chief author of the superb blog Fair and Unbalanced.com (see my blogroll at bottom right – http://fairandunbalanced.com/). Burr has just undergone eye surgery and we’ll want to wish him a speedy recovery. As one who has undergone several eye surgeries myself, I can attest to how limiting and humbling they can be. So my very most heartfeltBEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL AND SPEEDY RECOVERY, dear friend Burr!

BURR DEMINGIn Burr’s own words: “Racism is often unexamined except superficially. We skim along the surface of a single assumption. Racists are unspeakably evil. We, and those we include in our circles of friends, are not evil. What could be more clear? They, and we, are not touched by racism, except in our rejection of it.

Most bigotry is not binary, turned off and turned on as you would a light switch. A line drawn between racism and good will  can be fuzzy. Sometimes it is so blurred it is not a line at all. It can be more like a rheostat. The light shines and dims as the dial is slowly turned.   Few of those who hate the President because he simply does not belong in his position would consider their motivations to be racist. Racism is the province of monsters, on a level with child molesters. In the polite company of Fox News viewers, even those who wear tricornered hats at pub;ic gatherings, motives are pure. They must be.”   Click on the link below to hear this latest masterpiece: 



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Aug. 14, 2014  By Jack Jodell.

Greetings, fellow progressives! Today, rather than presenting my usual long, one-article type of post, I will instead post a few smaller items which should be of interest…  

GOOD NEWS! Remember my July 17 post in which I urged everyone to BOYCOTT WLGREENS DRUG STORES for their disgusting attempt to practice tax inversion by moving their headquarters to Switzerland? Well, I was delighted to learn last week on the “Brunch with Bernie Sanders” segment of the Thom Hartmann Program on Free Speech TV that Walgreens has scrapped the idea altogether! Evidently enough people were outraged at Walgreens’ blatant tax-dodging scheme that the corporate officers  grew nervous at the possible repercussions from such a move, and they have decided instead to keep the corporate headquarters HERE and pay their fair share of taxes, as well they should! See, folks? Every so often, it DOES make sense to speak truth to power and raise hell with these greedy corporate 1%-ers! After all, NOBODY likes a crying rich man – NOBODY! Hear that, Sheldon Adelson?
——————————————————————————————————————-ghoulish ann coulter

Acid-tongued ANN COULTER was shooting off her mouth again recently in a most disgusting and frigid-hearted manner. Speaking about how two American missionaries were coming home, infected with the deadly Rbola virus they contracted in Liberia from going over there to aid Ebola victims, she viciously questioned why the men had gone over to the “disease-ridden cesspools” of Africa! She has been playing the Sarah Palin card for a very long time, saying outrageous and controversial things just to get attention and to thereby increase her book sales and to garner sound bytes on network news programs. Just like Palin, this snide Coulter bitch needs to be ignored completely as she has absolutely nothing of any value whatsoever to add to this nation’s political discourse – in fact, she ranks alongside child pornographers in terms of her offensiveness. Therefore, rather than boycotting Walgreens, I propose that all thinking people permanently  BOYCOTT ANN COULTER!
MORE GOOD NEWS! Congress finally behaved as it used to prior to the Tea Party mudslide of 2010,  and passed a bipartisan VA overhaul bill which President Obama promptly signed into law! This should end the logjam which kept needy and deserving vets from receiving rapid treatment for their medical problems. This shows there is still some hope left for Congress, but to FULLY restore a sensible, working Congress, we progressives MUST turn out in record numbers for this year’s November mid-term elections, and do all we can to rid our country of all the obstructive, government-hating reactionary Tea Party Republicans  and wek-kneed, complicit Democrats that we can!
cheney r 1Noted war criminal DICK Cheney unfurled a new attack on the President Sunday, accusing him of projecting “weakness” around the world, blah, blah, blah...why ANYBODY still gives this warmonger any air time or credibility at all is unfathomable. war criminalsWill somebodyANYBODYplease 
rendition this criminal to the Hague to stand trial for, and be convicted of, the numerous war crimes and murders his insane “preventative attack” policies wrought in the bogus Iraq War he produced out of thin air in 2003? While you’re at it, please rendition George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld to the Hague to be tried for the same war crimes too – justice demands that these men pay for their plundering and murderous crimes!
Were you lucky enough to have the funds or the free  time to take a nice, relaxing vacation this summer? If you’re like a growing number of Americans, your answer is probably “no.” Did you know that the United States is the ONLY advanced economy in the world that does NOT guarantee ANY paid vacation days? Regrettably, that is true. While the more advanced economies of western Europe and Canada provide for guaranteed paid vacation days (because they are very attuned to maintaining the economic, emotional, physical, and cultural well-being of their citizens), here in the U.S. – that so-called “land of the free” – the only economic “freedom” we evidently care about is the freedom for the wealthy 1% elite MINORITY to exploit the 99% MAJORITY below them. Yes, since Reagan was President, we have seen a steady erosion in wages, benefits,  and buying power, and a steady increase in hours worked and the use of credit, which is a tool used by wealthy bankers to further enslave the middle class and working poor. Enter a marvelous new group called the Vacation Equality Project. They have our backs and are pushing for the adoption of some sort of similar guaranteed paid vacation ime for every working American, to bring this country in line with every other major worldwide economy. As suitable time off from work is a legitimate “pursuit of happiness”, I’m sure even Founding Father Thomas Jefferson would approve.  Google “Vacation Equality Project” and give your endorsement to this very noble and just cause! :-)

———————————————————————————————–Rumor has it that the all-time political bimbo Sarah Palin recently emerged from a plane drunk and started speaking to the crowd in a way even more disoriented and garbled than she normally does. Just Google “Sarah Palin drunk” and watch her stumble through her incoherent babble. How this immature, moronic little girl ever became the Republican 2008 vice-presidential nominee still befuddles me a full 6 years later! Now this little idiot has launched her own internet television network, and is hoping there will be enough demented suckers to actually subscribe to it – the twit has installed cameras and microphones in every room of her house to catch any stream-of-UNconsciousness babble which may erupt from her mouth. How vain and greedy can this imbecile be?


It is with sadness that we must mark the untimely passing of comic icon Robin Williams at the age of only 63. Brilliant and gifted, we will always fondly remember him for his endearing portrayal of an alien on Mork and Mindy. And no one but he could have pulled off Popeye so well. He proved his versatility many times over with superb performances in Good Morning Vietnam , Dead Poets Society, Mrs. Doubtfire, and a good many others. Extremely quick-witted and hilariously funny, he will be sorely missed by millions!                        

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Aug. 11, 2014  By Jack Jodell (in association with Fair and Unbalanced.com/).  

Happy Monday, readers. Here is the new podcast I received from Mr. Burr Deming, podcaster extraordinaire and the creator of the very thoughtful and thought-provoking blog called Fair and Unbalanced.com. (See my blogroll at bottom right).

BURR DEMINGToday, Burr finds humor in the madcap, contradictory positions the reactionary Republicans have taken on the issue of immigration. In Burr’s own words: “I know there is humor to be had in Republicans needing approval from extremists for extremist legislation, and it can seem funny that conservatives demand that President Obama issue Executive Orders exactly one day after filing suit against him for filing Executive Orders. Obama vs the Republican Lawsuit becomes Obama vs the Empty Suit. But, as I think of a high school girl I met just once last year, it’s hard for me to dwell on the humor.”

Click on the link below to hear this latest gem. Enjoy! :-)



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