Dec. 22, 2014  By Jack Jodell (in association with Fair and – see my Blogroll in the lower right hand column).  

Happy pre-holiday weekend, everybody! This being Monday, it’s time for our week-beginning podcast from our resident podcaster extraordinaire, Burr Deming. As many of you know, Mr. Deming is also the creator and chief author of the brilliant blog called Fair and  

Today, Burr tackles the subject of torture and talks about its bizarre interpretation by one of the most bizarre Extreme Court judges we have ever had – Antonin Scalia. Talk about Grinches…

burr demingBurr tells us, There is a harsh truth at the heart of the interrogation debate.  

We are presented with a moral ambiguity, a sort of ethical Sophie’s Choice. What about that ticking clock and the choice between torture and the death of innocents? 

The harsh, terrible truth is that the choice does not exist. It never has. 

Instead, we are endangered by a much more dangerous ticking clock.

After we investigate ticking clocks and enhanced interrogation , maybe we should think about the most dangerous ticking clocks we’re likely to encounter.”

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Link to transcript:  
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Dec. 18, 2014  By Jack Jodell.    

Hard to believe, but once again it’s almost Christmas. Santa had to hire a part-time, undocumented elf this year to help him sort through the record number of more-than-deserving possibilities for his annual Bozo of the Year Award. You may recall that each year at this time, Santa gives an award to the one person or group whose antics during the past year were either so foolish, outrageous, or disgraceful that they deserve almost universal ridicule and scorn from everybody else.

(Past recipients have included:
2013 – The 113th Congress of the United States                                                             2012 – Ex- Hostess Brands, Inc. CEO Gregory J. Rayburn and his entire                           executive board
2011 – the entire Republican congressional caucus
2010 -   the ridiculous and annoying Phillips “Colon Lady”
2009 – Richard Heinke, the knobhead who faked sending his young son up                    in a supposedly runaway hot air balloon
2008 – disgraced Democratic former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich.)

  Santa struggled so long and hard over this year’s list, in fact, that he and his elves were barely able to get his sleigh loaded up in time for his ride on Christnas Eve to distribute a gift to all the good little girls and boys across the whole world! But, Santa somehow prevailed, as he always seems to do, so here is a peek at how he ranked this year’s prospective batch:

HARDLY WORTH MENTIONING AT ALL goes to Republican Congressman DARRELL ISSA for completely wasting taxpayer money on worthless hearings and investigations which yielded absolutely nothing! Santa will give the gift of a parrot for every room in Issa’s home, plus one for his congressional office. As a special added gift, Santa has taught each of these birds to squawk each hour, around the clock in unison,  “AWWWKKK – BENGHAZI!” alternately with “POLLY WANTS A STOLEN CAR – AWWWKKK!” Hopefully, this goof will eventually get the message and end his obsession with grandstanding worthless investigations…

DISHONORABLE MENTION goes to the Democratic voters who omitted   voting in this year’s midterm elections. Santa was flabbergasted that so many of you lazily stayed home and neglected to cast a ballot. Your neglectful irresponsibility has led directly to a Tea Party-infested Republican Party capture of control in the U.S. Senate, and Santa is fuming about that! Santa will give each of you the gift of a daily Tea Party robocall – a plague that will continue  until election day, 2016! 

Another DISHONORABLE MENTION goes to the outgoing Democratic Senate Majority Leader HARRY REID, whose limp-wristed, uninspiring, mild-mannered approach did little to benefit or advance progressive causes in the Senate. This former boxer allowed the odious Mitch McConnell to box his ears in and replace him as the new, Republican Senate Majority Leader. Santa will leave Reid alone, to massage those cauliflower ears of his in silence, all by himself, for the remainder of his term in the Senate. 

3rd  RUNNER UP goes to that grandstanding, self-centered egomaniac Texas Republican Senator TED CRUZ. Santa doesn’t cotton much to government-hating showboaters like this repugnant Teabagger, who masterminded a government shutdown once and now threatens to engineer another one once Republicans take control of the  Senate in January. Santa’s gift to this sneaky Teabagger will be massive primary defeats in his bid for the 2016 Republican nomination for President. ‘Nuff said!

2ND RUNNER UP goes to Teabagger / Libertarian / Republican Senator RAND PAUL, who wants to become President so much that he will twist himself in any direction on any issue it will take to ensure he will appeal to, or at least deliberately confuse, as many voters as he can to get their vote. Santa’s gift to this double-talking shape shifter will be a giant laxative-filled pretzel, so that after eating it, this numbskull will soon realize what all his twisting and turning will reveal to him what he is actually full of!  

RUNNER UP goes to the weepiest, most angry and truculent, least productive Speaker of the House in our nation’s history, JOHN BOEHNER. Santa is most disapproving of the way Boner has repeatedly tabled good bills and continually deferred to the wishes of his unruly, government-hating Tea Party caucus. Not only that, but the crybaby way he has attempted UNSUCCESSFULLY to sue the President has attracted zero attention from usually lawsuit-happy  attorneys! Santa correctly views this, and the way Boner sheds tears at the drop of a hat, as signs of weakness. So, Santa’s gift to Boner this year will be a coarse-grained sandpaper handkerchief. Maybe after the Speaker tries to dab up the tears a few times with this special hanky, he’ll learn to stop being such a wimp!

FOURTH PLACE goes to the constipated turkey who will soon become the next Senate Majority Leader – MITCH McCONNELL. NOBODY likes this guy: Kentucky voters are wildly UNenthusiastic about him; he doesn’t appeal to a significant number of his Senate colleagues; a good portion of his Republican caucus doesn’t care for him; and Santa’s guess is that his own mother didn’t like him too much, either! This bozo has deliberately obstructed way too much legislation over the past 6 years, and has definitely NOT earned his fat Senate paychecks! It seems that the only people who like this guy are wealthy Wall Street bankers, and Santa doesn’t have too much time for them, either! Santa has decided to give this unfortunate goofball two solid years of presidential vetoes for any pro-wealthy legislation McConnell will try to push – and it will serve him right. 

THIRD PLACE goes to Iowa’s new Senator-elect JONI ERNST. Santa suspected he had a high-ranking Bozo in his midst when he first heard her nauseating, guffawing laugh, but knew he had a real Bozo on his hands when he heard this crazed bimbo Teabagger boasting about how she used to castrate pigs in her early years. This seemed wackier than anything even Michele Bachmann had ever said, so Santa will be leaving this new Senator-elect a heaping platter of pickled pig’s balls on her dinner table to help her commemorate what she must view as “the good old days.”.(Naturally, he is hoping none of it gets stuck between her teeth). God help Iowa, and God help the U.S. Senate!

SECOND PLACE goes to the Grand Jury who failed to even indict the cop who, in New York City last July,  choked Eric Garner to death for allegedly selling single cigarettes without a license. For a time, Santa  had considered both the prosecutors for this case as well as for the case of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. for this year’s award, but when he saw the video footage of Garner’s strangling, heard the victim yell “I can’t breathe!” ELEVEN times in rapid succession, and saw how this video completely contradicted the murdering cop’s account of what had happened,  Santa was certain that the real Bozo candidates were the deaf and blind morons  who were sitting on the Grand Jury. Santa will give each of these jurors a free trip to an audiologist, plus three blind mice to chase all throughout their hp,es. As for the negligent prosecutors,  Santa won’t even give these corrupt and ignorant fools the time of day!                                        

That leaves only our Grand Prize winner for Santa’s Bozo of the Year for 2014, and now, as drums start rolling, that moron is:






























For the very first time ever, this award is TIED! No matter how hard he tried, Santa simply couldn’t differentiate between these two entrants, so he proclaimed BOTH of them to be this year’s grand prize winner~! The first of these equals was…

ROBERT JAMES O’NEILL, the self-proclaimed killer of Osama bin Laden.  Santa was taken quite aback by this ex-Navy SEAL’s self-centeredness and juvenile need for attention. He was quite provoked by O’Neill’s immature and brazen “Look, Ma – no hands!”  attitude and boastfulness about taking the life of another human being, even one so vile and deserving as bin Laden was.  Such glib callousness does not sit very well with Santa, so once he heard O’Neill shooting his mouth off, Santa knew right then that this guy is a REAL Bozo, and was the biggest co-Bozo in this year’s bunch of very sorry prospects.  

The OTHER co-Boo was PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA. Santa was utterly dismayed to learn that the President had colluded with John Boehner and the crooked Wall Street banking crowd against his very loyal former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, to pass a very smelly Republican budget. By abandoning the progressive wing of his own Democratic Party to basically kill Dodd-Frank and resume derivative trading, the President proved that he is really the Capitulater In Chief and has no backbone whatsoever. Santa will be holding his nose thos year as he attempts to give the President a spine transplant for Christmas, and he is sure hoping the P{resident’s body won’t reject the transplant!! So there you have it, folks…

A very merry and blessed Christmas and holiday season to all of you, dear readers! I’ll be back before the dawn of 2015 with my annual post of “Year End Musings.” Be safe, well, and joyous! :-)                         

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Dec. 15, 2014  By Jack Jodell (in association with Fair and – see my Blogroll in the lower right hand column).

Happy Monday, everyone! This being the start of the new week, it’s time for ourpodcaser extraordinaire, Mr. Burr Deming, to weigh in with another great doubleeader. This first one  seems to refute an assertion made by mainstream media MSNBC’s Chuck Todd  that President Obama has been overly isolated from real, everyday Americans.

burr deming In Burr’s words, “Chuck Todd’s recent book offers a searing analysis of the Obama administration. The unwavering opposition of Republicans is already well documented. But Todd suggests that President Obama is also to blame for roadblocks to policies that would help the poor and middle class. 

Todd worked hard, talking with hundreds of Washington insiders. He has been able convincingly to demonstrate insularity and isolation from the real world. But not in the way he, or anyone, could have anticipated.”

Link to podcast:
Link to transcript:
The second feature in this doubleheader is entitled “TORTURE AND VALUE”

Here, Burr gives us his take on the subject of using torture to obtain intelligence from our enemies, and how this nightmare (begun in the horrid administration of George W. Bush and DICK Cheney) goes against the historical grain of the United States. I stand in firm agreement with him!

burr demingOn this topic, Burr tells us, ” Our culture has always reacted strongly against torture. Look at how we have portrayed our enemies.  

But, for some of us, something changed the day we were attacked. What had been wrong became right. 

Conservative reactions against the Senate report on torture contain an obvious self-contradiction: 

On one hand, we did nothing wrong. On the other, it will hurt our image and provoke foreign opposition if the wrongdoing that we didn’t do is exposed. 

But I am struck less by contradiction than by a less obvious, and more dangerous, consistency.”  

Link to podcast: 

Link to transcript: 


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Dec. 11, 2014  By Jack Jodell.

The holidays are fast approaching, and, lest I forget, I wanted to devote FS TVthis post to a favorite cause of mine – FREE SPEECH TV! Please go to and astound yourself with the literal treasure trove of great programming you will NEVER see on the stale, same-old  corporate-owned media networks. You’ll find this great FREESPEECH network to be truly television for US in the MAJORITY 99%! Completely viewer-supported and non-commercial, they are beholden to NO ONE except us, their viewers! This is currently their annual year-end pledge drive, so I encourage you to visit their site, look it over thoroughly, and then click on DONATE. You can donate ANY amount you like, from very small to substantial, and you can also do so incrementally, month by month if that is best foe you. Again, they get NO government funds and NO corporate funds, so it’s up to US to support them. Here are some great reasons to consider donating to them:

1). Your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

2). This is the ONLY network which refutes the nonsensical far-right propaganda constantly being spewed out by FOX “News”, and it features hundreds of relevant stories repeatedly omitted on the other corporate-owned stations. We CANNOT allow this precious resource to disappear!   

3). For a $60 donation, or, $5 dollars monthly, they will send a lump of coal in your name( or anonymously, if you prefer) directly to those nasty Koch brothers, who are spending millions to corrupt our politicians, buy elections, and even influence our judiciary into legislating and/or approving legislation that favors and further enriches THEM at everybody else’s expense!Let them know, both individually and collectively, that you and millions of the rest of us in the 99% MAJORITY strongly oppose their sordid effort to subvert our democracy!

4).  Depending on what you give, you could end up with quality sweatshirts, hoodies, mugs, caps, scarves,  tee shirts, autographed books, DVDs, and even jackets bearing either the FREE SPEECH name or the name of your favorite program on them! PLUS, you could even have lunch or dinner with your favorite FREE SPEECH host as well as be present on the actual set of a future program as it is being recorded! These are fabulous perks – I myself am the proud owner of a FREE SPEECH hoodie, a Thom Hartmann mug,  and an autographed book from award-winning journalist Amy Goodman!

FS TVReaders, this is the only network we have that features truth,  social/economic/cultural justice, plus what should be America  way in every broadcast. They need our support NOW, so PLEASE acquaint yourself with them and  donate online at their site or do so toll free at   1-877-378-8669.  Thank you, and happy holidays!

UP NEXT THURSDAY: “SANTA’S BOZO OF THE YEAR FOR 2014!” – watch for it!                                                     

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Dec. 8, 2014  By Jack Jodell (in association with FAIR AND UNBALANCED.COM – see my Blogroll in the lower right hand column).

It’s the start of a new week, and that means a new doubleheader of podcasts from our resident podcaster extraordinaire, Mr. Burr Deming, creator and chief author of the excellent blog Fair and The first of these podcasts deals with Burr correctly castigating the media for the brazen way they sometimes list the home addresses of public figures.

burr demingIn Burr’s own words, “Not quite buried in news accounts of protest, violence, and frequent missteps of authorities, was an incident that should have enraged pretty much everyone on every side of every aspect of Ferguson events. The New York Times published the home street and town where Officer Darren Wilson lives, along with the name of his new wife.  

It reminds me of another incident from years ago. It is especially interesting to me how reactions have shifted.”

Link to podcast: 

Link to original article:
In his second gem, entitled “Issues the Day After – Lessons Republicans Can Teach Us”, Burr wisely reminds us that we should not rush to judgment, as bitter conservative Republican partisans often do,  especially where the President is concerned…

burr demingOn this topic, Burr says, Sometimes important lessons from world developments; conflict with Russia, deadly battles with the self-styled Islamic State, the medical threat from Ebola; become clear only in later months or years.

But Republicans have taught us one unifying lesson from all of these issues.  That lesson hasn’t taken long at all.”

Link to podcast: 

Link to original article:

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Dec.4, 2014  By Jack Jodell.

Happy holiday season, everybody! While Santa has been toiling feverishly to get all his presents ready for delivery as well as preparing his Bozo of the Year Award so it will be on time this year (it will appear here in a week or two), and while many of us in the 99% MAJORITY have been working more than one job just to afford the gifts we will buy for this season, this blogger has discovered a new, 12 point economic plan that should be a MUST for reading in every high school and university civics and business class in the  country. It is bold and visionary; much like FDR’s New Deal was. It is also something that is badly needed in the United States NOW.  Here is this fabulous plan:

1). We need to INVEST $1 TRILLION in rebuilding our infrastructure.           That is what is needed to repair and rebuild our roads, bridges,                       schools, electrical grid, and rail system. Embarking on this would                 create 13 MILLION new, high-paying jobs; would pay for itself by  pumping millions of new tax dollars into our Treasury; and would have a very positive ripple effect throughout the whole economy – just as did the WPA and the CCC in the mid-1930s. We badly need this modernization, so what are we waiting for? If we can afford to waste $1 TRILLION on unfunded wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, surely we can afford to invest in rebuilding our own country!

2).  We need to transform our energy dependence away from fossil fuels to develop new, much more efficient, and far less toxic forms of energy       like solar, wind, and biotherm. These cleaner, less polluting forms               would help us stop climate change and end the damage we are doing           to the environment, PLUS,  their use would stimulate new                                     technologies, much as the space program did from the 1950s – 1980s.

3). We must establish WORKER-OWNED COOPERATIVES. In the past 40 years, corporations have gone hog-wild with greed. They have waged            economic warfare on workers; have begun to  destroy the middle class by holding wages down (even in the face of steadily rising gains in                   productivity); have exported millions of manufacturing jobs to cheap, foreign, slave wage labor markets; have successfully pushed to                         eliminate much-needed regulations; have greatly expanded CEO compensation and perks; have hidden hundreds of billions of dollars of profit in dodgy overseas tax shelters; have recklessly gambled with other people’s money in the stock market; and have turned our once progressive tax system into a regressive one which hurts the 99% MAJORITY beneath them. These are no longer the actions of  responsible businesspersons concerned for the betterment of their community, country, or fellow man – these are the actions of capitalist PIGS  who are obsessed with greed and self-centeredness. These people claim to strongly support freedom and democracy, but they really only care about THEIR individual freedom to make as much money as they can, without any interference from anybody. They have corrupted our government and are now attempting to do the same with our judiciary. By setting up worker-owned cooperatives rather than huge corporations,  the people who actually produce the wealth for companies would have a much greater voice in how the company was run. It would certainly end the horribly increasing disparity in wealth we have had as a direct result of the INSANE Reaganomics that have been plaguing     us  for the past 34 years! This move would transform us from the dastardly plutocracy we have become into a genuine DEMOCRACY – legally, socially, AND  ECONOMICALLY!

4). The time has come to STRENGTHEN UNIONIZATION. Since the onset of Reaganomics, the wealthy have been trying to destroy labor unions – the only leverage working people have to better their wages and working conditions. This practice must be reversed to allow for true democratic reform to occur in our economy. The alternative is economic  slavery, and that is completely unacceptable!

5). The minimum wage must be raised to a LIVABLE wage so that nobody working 40 hours per week has to live in poverty or rely on government handouts to survive! Putting more money in the hands of the poor would stimulate demand for more goods and services, thereby creating greater employment and wealth for everybody!

6). There must be equal pay for equal work! The way we have discriminated against women and minorities on wages is completely indefensible and must come to a screeching halt!

7). We must END our  involvement in so-called “free trade” deals like NAFTA, CAFTA, and the proposed TPP! These agreements are NOT “free”; have benefitted mainly the 1% highest incomes; and have led to the disappearance of nearly 5 MILLION good-paying jobs in this country. ENOUGH, already!

8). Quality, affordable education must be attainable for ALL, including higher education! This nonsense of trapping students into ever-increasing student loan debt mist simply become a thing of the past, and SOON!

9). The 6 largest Wall Street banks now have assets totaling an astounding 61 PERCENT of our GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT! They  control an unbelievable $9.8 TRILLION, and this number is rising. They have not only become “too big to fail” but have also become too big to reform. As they have once again begun to speculate on derivatives (which caused our recent Great Recession of 2008 that nearly capsized the global economy and led to the loss of jobs and income for untold millions), they must once more be BROKEN-UP, just as Teddy Roosevelt did in his glorious trust busting days of the early 20th century. This, too, must happen SOON!  

10). We must adopt a universal, MEDICARE FOR ALL health care system, and end the tyranny of gigantic health insurance  ompanies constantly raising rates and setting health care standards. It is high time we take the excess profit OUT of providing quality health care for all of our citizens!  

11). It is time to EXPAND  SOCIAL SECURITY and MEDICAID benefits rather than reducing them, which would greatly harm the elderly, the poor, and those on disability. Last, but definitely not least:

12). We must adopt a new and truly PROGRESSIVE tax code – one that is based on ABILITY TO PAY. We must end the disgraceful system we have now, which allows fabulously wealthy corporations and individuals to loophole their way out of paying a fair share and places the overwhelming load of taxation unfairly on the backs of the middle class. The wealthiest 1% have gamed this system for far too long now, and the time has come for us to straighten it out!

These, my friends, are fair and common sense ideas which have been put forth by the best friend the middle class and poor have in this country – SENATOR BERNIE SANDERS of Vermont. I STRONGLY support them! Not being naive, I realize that the 1%  would certainly bitterly oppose this plan’s implementation, and that is precisely why we must GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS by adding a new constitional amendment stating that “Money is NOT free spech”  and that “Corporations are NOT people!” To achieve this, I urge you to visit,

Go to the site listed below for a video of this idea whose time has definitely come!                                                                                                                                                                            

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Dec. 1, 2014  By Jack Jodell (in association with Fair and – see my Blogroll in the lower right hand column).

Happy post-Thanksgiving Monday, everybody – we hope you had a great holiday weekend! Congress returns to Washington today to begin a “lame duck” session which will mark the waning days of a Democratic-controlled Senate. While there are a few bipartisan bills languishing that could and should be passed – notably the Postal Rewform Act of 2014 – chances are that little will be accomplished outside of filling some yet unfilled agency and judicial npminations. But who really knows? Perhaps the House will attempt to pass their umpteenth unsuccessful repeal of the Affordable Care Act, or yet another attempt to prove a White House conspiracy to silence what they erroneously believe had really happened on that fateful night in Libya when our ambassador and three other Americans tragically lost their lives. It is hoped by many that these lying, scheming Republicans (Darrell Issa, James Inhofe, and Lindsey Graham, in  particular) will finally shut their infernal yaps about this nonexistent scandal and will start doing what they’ve been elected to do rather than constantly engaging in these baseless bitter continual partisan maneuvers!

BURR DEMINGOn that topic, our podcaster extraordinaire Burr Deming says, Senator Inhofe swore Benghazi would go down as the biggest coverup in history. Impeachment was on the table.                

Chairman Issa was insistent. The American public was deliberately misled. Talking points had been changed by the administration.  

Senator Graham said he knew for a fact that witnesses were being forced into silence.   

One Republican after another condemned the lying, the coverup.  

Fox News reported, and let viewers decide, about why administration explanations were unraveling in a very public way.     

But a Republican investigation reveals that there was no coverup, that the American public was not misled, that talking points were not changed for political purposes, that no employees were told not to talk, that there was no scandal, none.  

Now that they know the truth, conservatives will certainly do the right thing.  

Won’t they?”       

Link to Podcast: 

Link to originalArticle: —————–


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